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Contemporary Seaside Villa Combines Coastal Style with Classic Form

Set in a picturesque landscape with plenty of rustic charm, Stormvillan in Hanko, Finland is a fabulous modern villa that seems to bring together different styles and even more contrasting worlds! Designed by Mer Arkkitehdit, this seaside ecsape offers much more than a view of the waves with different vistas presenting a trio of completely different sceneries. It is the living room that offers unabated views of the coastal strip while the master bedroom overlooks the beautiful lineup of pine trees on the other side. Then there is the dining area, kitchen and terrace section that opens up towards dreamy sunsets and the distant countryside, allowing the homeowners to take in the many sights and sounds outside.

Modern villa in Hanko, Finland with a view of the sea and the pine trees

The beautiful Finnish villa is much more than just the view on offer with its unique design combining a touch of coastal charm with classic villa design and modern ergonomics. A wooden terrace, gable roof and a section of the home that acts as the green roof create a fusion of the modern and the traditional even as the open interior is filled with ample natural light. Part of the home is etched into the bedrock on the site and it is this rock that acts as an inimitable wall in certain parts of the residence.

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Neutral interior of Stormvilan in Finland
Space-savvy wall shelves that reach all the way up to the ceiling
Modern kitchen in white with minimal Scandinavian style
Light-filled interior of the modern villa
Wooden blocks with built-in storage used to create a lovely staircase
Smart windows capture the view outside beautifully

White is the color of choice inside and that barely comes as a surprise in a region where Scandinavian style and aesthetics hold sway. Gentle pastel hues, shelving that extends all the way up to the ceiling and space-savvy hidden cabinets complete this relaxing and charming Hanko home. [Photography: Marc Goodwin]

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Bedrock provides stability and a unique landscape for the Finnish home
Pine trees around the house become one with its overall design
Villa walls cut into the bedrock of the landscape
Open deck and walkways on the upper level
Beach level entry of the contemporary villa in Finland

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