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Shopping Smart: Modern Sofas in Black, White and a Blend of the Two!

A comfortable sofa is undoubtedly the most essential piece of any living room and often ends up defining the style and the decorating scheme of the space. With open plan living growing in popularity, this extends to the style of the kitchen, dining area and the social zone as well. With that in mind, it is essential that you choose a couch that is comfortable, elegant, adapts with changing trends and also acts as the perfect focal point in an open living space. While we have nothing against bolder, more colorful sofas and sectionals, today we delve into a world that is predominantly black and white!

Gold and white living room with luxurious decor

Even though it is the couch in gray that seems to be the most popular these days, a fabulous sofa in black, white or even a blend of both the colors is a timeless choice that never fails. The beautiful sofas have remained as relevant a century ago as they do today! The style, materials used and finishing might have changed, but the allure of black and white has remained constant. Since most of us cannot afford to change the living room couch (or have the energy for it) with changing color trends, these seemingly neutral additions are a safe choice. So, why wait!

Bring Together Black and White

There is nothing revolutionary about black and white as a color combination. Yet, somethings are dubbed ‘classic’ for a reason! A black and white couch instantly holds your attention even while making sure that the color scheme of the living room is left completely undisturbed. The more intricate the pattern more is the visual impact! The black and white couch can bring patterns that range from simple dots and stripes to chevron outlines and wavy forms. As seasons change and color trends come and go, you can simply switch out accent pillows, accessories and smaller décor pieces around this couch to usher in trendy panache!

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Small classic sofa with black and white pattern
White couch with black stripe and matching striped accent pillow
Simple black and white pattern of the sofa brings unique charm to any living space it adorns

White Modern Couch

While most people gladly embrace white while shaping the backdrop of the living room, kitchen, bedroom or dining space, white décor is an entirely different proposition. Speaking for a strictly practical perspective, they are pretty difficult to maintain over a period of time. In a living room that sees plenty of traffic along with kids and pets constantly moving around, the white sofa is definitely a poor choice. But for those who do not have to deal with endless rush and little ones jumping around on the couch, the white sofa can bring sophistication and elegance to the living room.

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Plush couch in white with accent pillows in gold
Sleek modular contemporary couch in white from Lago

Combine the sofa in white with pops of black, hints of orange, a sprinkling of yellow or even the sparkle of gold to shape a chic, modern and cheerful living room. Apart from its sheer versatility, the sectional or couch in white also seems to add an air of luxury to the living room; something its more colorful counterparts fail to deliver.

Comfortable couch in whit with classic modern design
Luxurious tufted sofa from MP2 ROMA

Black Magic Unleashed!

Compared to its fairer nephew, the black sofa seems much more popular in modern homes and it fits in well with styles ranging from minimal to masculine and industrial. It is generally the black leather couch that heads the list here with tufted sectionals coming in close behind. Simple and stylish, a couch in black or darker shades of gray makes an even bigger impact when the backdrop is kept as neutral and unassuming as possible.

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Exquisite sofa in black has magnetic charm!
Modern sofa in black from Tacchini
Contemporary luxury sofa from Vittoria Frigerio – Trendy Italian decor

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