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Concealed Californian Bungalow Renovation in Beach-Side Melbourne Suburb

The city of Melbourne and the many suburbs around it have produced some of the most ingenious, elegant and sensible home makeovers and renovations in the last few years. Most of these homes were originally built in the 50’s and the 60’s and with a generational change, modern homeowners who inherit or buy them want interiors that are more in sync in the new lifestyle. The inevitable choice in most cases is a rear extension that leaves the street façade untouched and that is exactly what you get with the gorgeous Hide House in Hampton, a posh beach-side suburb of the city. The renovation is combined with large scale makeover of the interior by MANI Architecture, giving it a refined, contemporary vibe.

Hidden rear extension of the Californian bungalow in Melbourne

The new interior utilizes a color scheme where neutral colors shape the backdrop and bright wall art, décor and indoor plants bring pops if vivacious color. The balance between a sophisticated backdrop and exquisite elements of the old Californian bungalow is picture-perfect with bluish-grays, black and white taking over in every room. Sliding doors connect the interior with the deck outside and the large rear extension in wood is completely hidden from sight when you take a look at it from the street.

Beautiful street facade of Californian bungalow in Hampton, Melbourne conceals a fabulous modern extension
Bluish-gray shapes the dining area of the large family home with a renovated interior
Dark pendants bring visual contrast to the contemporary dining space in neutral hues
Dining table chairs, pendants and wall art add color to the contemporary neutral dining room
Drapes and sliding doors connect the interior with the lovely backyard
Gray stone brings contemporary style to the bathroom
Interior of the fabulous Melbourne residence embraces a modern styled in neutral hues
Lovely sitting area and library with large window that connects the interior with the pool area outside

A modest house before its makeover, in its new avatar the residence holds four bedrooms, bathrooms, a spacious social kitchen along with a pool and covered rear patio that extends the living space outside with effortless ease. [Photography: Tatjana Plitt]

Natural lighting and sliding doors create a space-savvy and cheerful interior
Pool area and small deck of the house with smart rear extension in wood
Wooden rear extension for Californian bungalow in Melbourne leaves the street facade unaltered
Balanced and modern kitchen design in neutral colors with smart cabinet design

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