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Boxed Brilliance: Black and White Studio House Showcases Twisted Geometry!

Minimal, contemporary and visually captivating, the Studio House designed by fabi architekten bda in Germany is one that leaves you enthralled with its unique arrangement of twin levels. It is a white lower level box that holds a cantilevered upper level unit in black; both the units showcasing both geometric and visual contrast. A series of floor-to-ceiling glass walls connect the interior with the outdoors and it is the forest views beyond that bring in color and liveliness. The home itself is unassuming with white and wood shaping much of the interior.

Fabulous dual box design of the Studio House with one in black and the other in white

It is the upper level that contains the open plan living space along with kitchen, dining and other areas that can be used for entertaining. Step below and you have the bedrooms and other private spaces that are sheltered by the forest around the home. Sitting on a sloped lot, the cantilevered boxes make the most of the landscape while showcasing exceptional architectural skill. Black asphalt and stone create a lovely outdoor area and you have a house that is as pleasing on the inside as it is striking on the outside. [Photography: Herbert Stolz]

Fabulous dual box design of the Studio House with one in black and the other in white
Gorgeous views of the forest from the Studio House
Hillside contemporary home with cantilevered box structure
Kitchen, workspace, dining and living areas of the Studio House
Modern minimal master bedroom and bathroom in wood and white
Open plan living area of the Studio House in Germany
Stunning contemporary minimal staircase in wood connecting the lower box with the upper level
View from the side of the twin box structures that make up the Studio House

The volumes open up targeted to the natural space, the forest. The buildings to the surroundings shine quiet and conciseness– unambiguity. Diving into the slope the visitor develops the house over an underground wardrobe-/ reception room – is soaked up through the ray of light over free overhanging stairs.

View from the street of the dark upper level of the house
Design of the Studio House allows it to become a part of the hillside landscape
Entrance leading to the contemporary minimal German home

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