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20 Tantalizing Basements That Venture Beyond the Mundane

Space is often what you make of it, and even though that sounds a bit too arbitrary, it is often the truth when it comes to home design. We have seen many homeowners waste away precious square footage by sheer lack of planning and an understanding of what they exactly need. Others tend to turn a blind eye towards that extra room sitting right below them in the form of an old basement. Basement or even attic renovations are never straightforward, but stick to the safety guidelines and add a dash of creativity, and a whole new world of possibilities opens up instantly!

These 20 gorgeous inspirations are all about turning the basement into an exciting, elegant and at times audacious setting that matches the rest of the house both in terms of aesthetics and practical value. Gone are the days of dusty old basements filled with creepy cobwebs and a pile of junk. It is time to go underground in style –

Pick Your Style

Once you have sorted out the more essential aspects of basement renovation like safety features, water seepage, insulation and sound-proofing, choosing a style for the basement is a good starting point. You can either pick a style, color scheme and theme that allows it to be an extension of the home above, or one can just create a completely different world that seems like a fun escape from the mundane. Basements can be as elegant, suave and diverse in their styles as any other room in the house. Don’t believe us? Check out the fabulous inspirations below!

Purple adds refinement to the basement living room [Design: Urban Abode]
Midcentury basement with built-in reading nook [Design: Custom Design/Build]
Stone walls let you try out classic Mediterranean style in the small basement [Design: Chrisdeco-Paris]
Contemporary basement workout zone looks simply stunning! [Design: cezign]

Family Time!

Deciding how you will this newfound additional square footage is a tricky task at the best of times. The larger the family, the more diverse will be their demands! A family zone is the safest option where every member has something to look forward to. A play area for the kids, a small TV zone and maybe a work desk or two along with plush seating can get the job done with ease.

Clean lines and simple design works best in the small basement [Design: Mosaik Design & Remodeling]
Gorgeous stage in the basement for your young starlet [Design: Ruth Richards]
Snazzy basement renovation for the music lover [From: Lucy Call / Imbue Design]

Fun and Games

The size of your basement often determines how expansive and amazing the final result is, and if your home is blessed with a basement of considerably large size, then you can even turn it into a gaming extravaganza! A bowling alley, an old arcade-style setting or even a hockey ring; the possibilities are endless.

Create the next X-Games star in your basement! [Design: w.b. builders]
Stunning basement bowling area inside a family retreat in Rocky Mountains [Design: ListenUp]
Time for some Hockey! [Design: Redstart Construction]

Intoxicatingly Fun

The basement man cave is pretty popular among homeowners these days, and you can even throw in a small home theater and a cool gathering spot for friends and family to create that perfect party zone. Of course, those interested in taking it a step further find inspiration in custom creations like the dark and classic English pub-inspired basement. A smaller and more modern kitchen and home bar combination is less expensive to build and can be easily reshaped into a family-friendly zone when needed.

Basement pub has an undeniable old world charm! [Design: Crisp Architects]
Full kitchen and bar in the basement definitely makes hosting weekend parties a lot easier [Design: Prestige Residential Construction]
You do not need a lot of space to shape a functional and aesthetic basement party area [Design: Eric Ross Interiors]

Decorate with Flair

This is an essential aspect of the modern basement that has considerably changed for the better in the last few years. Décor, patterns and accessories used in the basement renovations today match and at times improve on the ones used in the remainder of the house. No longer is the basement treated shabbily and with a sense of disdain as homeowners start to realize the true value of this additional space. Some might use it as a recreation zone, others to showcase their unique collections and love for interesting artwork.

Contemporary London basement with fabulous Antique Wheels Mirrors and shuttered concrete walls [Design: Shalini Misra]
Transform the basement brick wall from dingy to dashing [Design: Shalini Misra]
Additional living room in the basement with unique décor [Design: Elena Scherbakova]
A workshop is perfect for the industrial basement [Design: rossmönster designs]
Turn the basement into an additional bedroom or guest space with ease [Design: Sanders Pace Architecture]
Basement turned into a safe haven for model cars! [Design: Kerri Robusto Interiors]
Awesome aquarium is the showstopper in this expansive basement [Design: Electronics Design Group]

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