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Apartment SQS 308: Reinterpreting Modernism with a Distinct Brazilian Flavor

A home that acts as the perfect canvas for a diverse collection of furniture and art pieces is one that is often filled with white walls and ample natural light. That is just what you get with the Apartment SQS 308 in Brasilia, Brazil designed by LAMAS as you have a brilliant array of classic décor collection and delightful art additions making the biggest impact in here. What you have here is an open plan living area with internal partition being kept down to an absolute minimum. Step in further and there is the kitchen in white and steel that is brightened by brilliant red accents. The blend between modernist ideas and contemporary ergonomics is just perfect in here!

Revamped interior of the modern Brazilian apartment full of color

Large section of windows both in the living room and the kitchen usher in ample natural light and this gives the otherwise modest apartment a much larger visual appeal. With a wooden floor and white backdrop, one gets an interior that is both cheerful and cozy and this color scheme is continued in the bedroom and the kitchen as well. With only the art and furniture collection adding color to the rooms, it is easy to switch between accent hues down the line. An uncomplicated and pleasing approach to design that turns life in here into an absolute breeze!

Both art work and furniture bring vivacious pops of color to the open living area
Brilliant art work and decor from Brazilian masters steals the show inside this revamped apartment
Custom wall-mounted storage solution in brilliant red for the modern kitchen
Dining table with concrete base, wooden top is surrounded by beautiful green chairs
Iconic Eames Hang it All Coat Rack adds color to an otherwise neutral setting in white

The intention of rescuing the visual silence of the space would leave the landscape and art in evidence. We remade the plaster, loosened the oor walls and repositioned the new cumaru tacos with the same lashing as the original oor. The furniture and works of art rescue the Brazilianness of some masters: Burle Marx, Dionísio Del santos, Gilvan Nunes, Zanine Caldas, Lina Bo Bardi, Sergio Rodrigues, zalszupin among others.

Modern kitchen with red accent storage system and stainless steel shelves
New wooden floor inside the home adds to its fresh, cheerful look
Bathroom in white with ample natural light and glass shower zone
Modern Minimal bathroom in white feels easy on the eyes

Sherry Nothingam

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