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Saving Space with the Right Plan: 20 Mezzanine Apartment Ideas for the Urbanite

It is easy to create a wonderful and attractive home when you have plenty of space to utilize. The grand and lavish contemporary home with all its benefits and a backyard to match its grandeur is something that all of us crave. But for those among us who simply cannot realize this dream any time soon, it is the constrained apartment in the urban landscape that we need to contend with. Of course, if you are just a bit lucky in this regard, you might stumble upon a beautiful little apartment that gives you the freedom to think vertical! That is right; an apartment with high ceilings opens up a whole new world of possibilities – ones where the mezzanine level comes to life.

Explore new spatial options with a mezzanine level that wows [From: Marsh & Parsons]

The gorgeous modern apartment with a mezzanine level is one where you can expand the available space in a creative fashion and create more square footage than that is already present. In a cramped urban setting where every inch of space matters, this is a luxury indeed and one which we want all our readers to enjoy. Be it the small loft level with just modest bedding or a more extensive mezzanine level that has it all, adding this additional area to the apartment is a trend that is catching on. So compete with those grand residences on ground and give your apartment a mezzanine floor as well –

Mezzanine Levels that Rock!

We start our tour with a look at some of the most beautiful mezzanine levels in apartments across the world. While it is much more common to find mezzanine floors in individual contemporary homes, they are a less frequent occurrence in the apartment. This is understandable as most apartments simply do not offer enough space for an additional half-level that adds to the home in bot ergonomic and aesthetic manner. Let the mezzanine over look your living area and tuck away the kitchen beneath its expanse. This is the most popular and practical floor plan for apartments with mezzanine floors. Move the bedroom upstairs and utilize a smart spiral stairway to save space even further.

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Contemporary London apartment with a smart mezzanine level and spiral staircase [From: COUPDEVILLE / Simon Kennedy]
Fabulous mezzanine level of the apartment embraces a bit of classic Mediterranean charm [From: Dog + Fox]
Ornate details of the past add elegance to the living room [From: Domus Nova]
Steel and glass mezzanine level of the London apartment is eye-catching [From: Ensoul]
Take inspiration from modern homes that feature vivacious mezzanine levels
Altered mezzanine level of mid-century modern apartment with a difference! [From: Kia Designs]
An interior with high ceilings is the perfect place to try out the mezzanine level

Tiny Space-Savers

Moving beyond the placement of the mezzanine level, we now look at smart and elegant ideas that do exactly what they are supposed to – primarily save space and add precious additional square footage to the apartment. Of course, some might actually like the idea of an open, double-height interior and could keep the mezzanine down to a minimum even if they have the room to expand it further. Others could just use it as a ‘reclusive escape’ that provides a shelter from weary day-to-day life. Even the tiniest apartments can feature a mezzanine level that multi-tasks; just as long as they have the vertical space to utilize.

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Polished apartment in white with pendants that steal the show
Small Kiev apartment with mezzanine level bedroom that maximizes space
Small mezzanine level of the apartment with a cool kitchen under it
Tiny apartment with a smart mezzanine level and a cool storage wall
Brick and wood interior of the apartment with a small mezzanine level [From: Scott Donald Architecture]
Even the smallest apartments can feature a cool mezzanine level with the right height

Call it What You Want!

Some people want to call the small addition in the apartment a loft and in many parts of the world, it is indeed referred to as a loft apartment. Traditionally, the loft apartment is definitely different from the mezzanine level that is far more extensive in build and feels like half-a-floor. But the line between the two is increasingly being blurred by innovative design that is finding ways to push the envelope and create new spaces that offer homeowners exactly what they need. Do not worry about the ‘moniker’ and make the most of what you have in your home. Consider the efficient and modern half-level for an apartment upgrade and enjoy its many benefits!

Contemporary Singapore home with a mezzanine level that feels sophisticated
Create you own mezzanine level that doubles as a lovely bedroom loft in the apartment
Stunning small apartment makeover in Sao Paulo with a mezzanine that steals the spotlight
Tiny Scandinavian apartment with a loft level that adds value to it
Unconventional way of adding a mezzanine or loft level to the modern apartment
Call it a loft level or mezzanine space, the small apartment benefits from utilization of vertical space

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