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Sunset House: Exhilarating Ocean Views Laced with Luxurious Minimalism

Defined by the steep change in gradient of the lot it sits on and the amazing ocean views on offer of the harbor and beyond, the Sunset House adapts to the landscape around it. This luxurious and minimal residence in West Vancouver was designed by Mcleod Bovell to combine captivating views with a sense of calm and comfort. It is the sparkling plunge pool along with the suspended wooden deck and the rear garden that steal the spotlight at this Canadian home. But there is much more on offer than Oceanside vistas as the interior perfectly complements the unassuming contemporary façade.

Sunset House in West Vancouver, Canada with a modern minimal look

A carefully planned entryway leading to the living area relies on a series of half-story stairways that break up the steep gradient and create a more fluid transition. This also creates several different levels for the various volumes of the home, utilizing the available space to hilt. Step into the living area and one instantly notices that the focus is firmly of the captivating view outside! Despite the use of contrasting materials like concrete, wood and leather, the overall color palette is muted and inconspicuous.

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Living area clad in concrete, wood and leather with modern minimalism

Minimal kitchen and dining room in white, black and gray

Dashing minimal kitchen in whit with large island and black pendant lights

Small recreational and relaxation space under the stairway with the Eames Lounger

Contemporary bedroom with modern art above the bed and fabulous ocean view

Stunning minimal home in Weste Vancouver with unabated ocean views and a lavish deck

Pendant light used to illuminate the stairway in style

Deck and pool area of the dashing Sunset House in Canada

With a polished kitchen in white and a dining area that anchors the breezy space with shades of gray and black, the living area flows effortlessly into the large wooden deck outside. Bold wall art ushers in points of brightness and color even as life at the Sunset House feels more like an outdoor staycation than an indoor experience! [Photography: Ema Peter]

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Fabulous ocean views from the suspended deck and plunge pool at the Vancouver home

Plunge pool and deck at the Sunset House become a part of the interior

Steep gradient of the lot gives the Vancouver home an ingenious entryway

Board-formed concrete exterior of the contemporary Canadian home

In-ground lighting adds to the ambaince of the wooden walkways and outdoor garden

Split level arrangement and half-story stairways create a smart entry at the Vancouver home

Floor plan of the lower level of Sunset House

Top level floor plan of modern minimal Canadian home with ocean views

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