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Flashy Furniture Collection by Koket is Unique and Lively

Metal is the new ‘in thing’. The trend has a new contender in town: The Flashy Furniture, designed by Koket. The Intuition Table and the Guilt Mirror are designed for those who have a ‘jazzy’ taste in furniture and want to spruce up their homes. The Intuition Table is a spectacular dining table design with its bold and beautiful looks. The base is shaped into a ribbon wound around, supporting the circular glass top above. The metal ribbons are finished in classy black on the outside and glitzy gold as seen from the interior.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of all?” If you were to ask the mirror about a mirror that is the most beautiful, it would have to show you the Guilt Mirror. This dramatic sunburst mirror has a lot of glamour with its edgy lines and glamorous gold-toned hammered finish framing a convex mirror. Now this one definitely stands up for a “guilty” pleasure.

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