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Luxurious Apartment Building in NYC Marries Industrial Past with Opulent Future!

There is no denying the fact that the popularity of industrial style (which shaped much of New York’s current hottest housing hubs a good century ago) still has a major influence on the architectural style here. With industrial once again becoming ‘trendy’, it is barely a surprise that modern homeowners want a smart blend of the renowned New York City flair and panache with understated industrial charm. Designed by Escobar Design by Lemay, this opulent apartment building featuring two 2,400-square-foot lofts, one 3,200-square-foot loft, and a beautiful 2,400-square-foot penthouse epitomizes this trend perfectly.

Italian Calacatta marble fireplace steals the show in the living room

738 Broadway is definitely a ‘dream apartment’ for those who love all things NYC, with its marble-clad, lavish interiors welcoming you into a world of captivating elegance and magnificence. A stunning Italian mosaic mural invites you to take a closer look, as it portrays a typical day’s scenery in the city with busy streets, skyscrapers in the backdrop and the iconic cabs in yellow. And even as you are left marveling at this brilliant work of art, you are overwhelmed by the dramatic, 17-foot-high Italian Calacatta marble fireplace in the living area that is both relaxing and ravishing.

Luxurious NYC apartment living room in white with wooden accents

Custom Italian mosaic mural featuring NYC cityscape inside the awesome New York City apartment

Stunning wall mural in Italian mosaic for the revamped NYC apartment

Cutting edge kitchen design with latest appliances from Miele and Sub-Zero

Gorgeous dining room of NYC apartment with wonderful views

White is the color of choice, as each spaces seems like a continuation of the previous room, with a cutting-edge kitchen featuring Miele and Sub-Zero appliances and a dining space that exudes industrial-modern overtones complementing the living space perfectly. The marble goodness continues into the master bathrooms as well, with a futuristic home automation system completing a living experience that fuses timeless elegance with tomorrow’s technology. [Photography: Robert Lowell]

Luxurious master bathroom of opulent NYC apartment clad in marble

Lavish modern bathroom in white

The Broadway McKenna Building was originally a Greenwich Village industrial warehouse, built in 1867. During the industrial revolution, New York became dedicated to the growingly trending ‘’Cast-iron architecture’’. This fast, sturdy and inexpensive technique was then widely used in the construction of mills, stores and warehouses, particularly in the SoHo, NoHo and Greenwich Village areas.

FIrst level floor plan of industrial modern NYC apartment

Second level floor plan of NYC apartment

Third level floor plan of luxurious New York City apartment

Forth level floor plan of revamped apartment building in NYC

Fifth level floor plan of modern apartment building in New York City

Roof level floor plan

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