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Living Room Design Trends Set to Make a Difference in 2016

It is that time of the year again when we try to shake off the holiday season blues and find our way back to work and a lifestyle that is far less frantic and festive. This is also the time when most homeowners think about a quick home makeover as they try and incorporate decorative pieces and design elements that will stay in touch with the hottest trends of 2016. That obviously means keeping an eye out for those styles, colors and furniture and accessories which will make the biggest impact in the next 12 months.

And today, we are going to take a look at trends that will shape living rooms across the world in the year ahead. Some of these design choices seem like an extension of the top trends from last half of 2016 (which obviously makes plenty of sense) while others are defined by industry leaders and top designers across the globe. Then there are those that creative homeowners have propelled to the top of the chart because they absolutely love a certain style or look. If you are thinking about redecorating your living room, then do not miss out on these fashionable elements!

Define Your Own Style

Increasingly style is becoming more a personal choice than an industry defined parameter in modern homes and 2016 will see an extension of this in the living room with both local designers and homeowners coming together to create a personalized look that fuses two or three unlikely, individual styles. While styles like industrial and Scandinavian will continue to make waves in more homes globally, touches of tropical charm and vivacious prints will provide this wonderful alchemy of the exotic and understated. Eclectic and ethnic or shabby chic and modern – create your own fun fusion.

Contemporary living room with industrial and Scandinavian touches [Design: Jen Talbot Design]
Living rooms will be all about interaction and fun family time shunning technology [Design: Workshop/APD]
Spacious modern Mediterranean living room [Design: Harrison Design]
Stylish living room is both contemporary and eclectic in its own way [Design: espacioBRUT]
Cozy eclectic living room with a splash of color [From: The English Room]

Sustainable Design

An entire generation is turning towards a greener, cleaner and a more planet-friendly lifestyle, irrespective of whether they choose to vocally make a statement on bigger issues like global warming or not! Nothing needs to be wasted and everything in your attic or store room can acquire a new lease of life with a little DIY-styled creativity! Vintage is definitely in and antique wall signs, décor and accessories in the living room are all the rave. Hop in on this trend and even if you are not particularly crafty, shop eco-friendly and be a part of the trendy green wave.

Sustainable living goes beyond the obvious decor choices [Design: Gallery Direct]
Eclectic living room with vintage and reclaimed décor [Design: Vintage Renewal]
Combine the old and reclaimed with the new in the living room [From: Hege in France]
Add a hint of greenery to the living space [Design: RE.DZINE / Merritt Design Photo]

Organic Décor Choices

An extension of the sustainable design, there are plenty of ways in which your living room can be more natural and less ‘plastic’ in 2016. You could add an awesome green, living wall to the living room, bring in a coffee table or side table with live edge or turn to other organic forms to create a cozy and pleasing ambiance. It is all about ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ but with an added green tinge!

A blend of contemporary panache and nature-centric design in the living room [Design: LHSA+DP]
Awesome living room showcases cozy design with textural beauty [From: Urban Design Associates / Bess Jones Interiors]
Cool live edge coffee table becomes a fun focal point in the contemporary living room [Design: Dillard Pierce Design Associates]
Get creative with the ways in which you can go nature-friendly indoors! [From: A Darling Felicity Photography]
Live edge walnut shelf for the industrial living room [Design: Raad Studio]
Trio of tree trunk coffee tables on wheels offer versatility [Design: Schwartz and Architecture]

Another Year of the Outdoors

The social kitchen connected with the backyard, the lovely dining space that opens up into the patio or the spacious living room connected visually with the sparkling city skyline in the distance – it is another year where outdoors will outside the interiors. The emphasis on turning the view into the real showstopper of the living room while the décor and ambiance plays second fiddle is definitely the look to aim for in coming months. Even if you are not blessed with the best of views, try to bring in more natural light and ventilation giving the room a less ‘boxed in’ feel.

A perfect way to frame the majestic mountain view [Design: Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen]
Find smart new ways to connect the outdoors with the living room [Design: Arkee Creative]
It is the view outside that steals the show here [Design: David Vandervort Architects]
Glass walls completely open up the living room to the ocean view on offer [Design: Hazle McCormack Young]

Blues & Pinks

So why will living rooms of 2016 be draped in light hues of pink and elegant shades of blue? Well, Pantone has definitely pointed in this direction by choosing Rose Quartz and Serenity as the Colors of the Year for 2016. Of course, you are not strictly bound by what Pantone picks, but with styles like shabby chic and Scandinavian being the most popular right now, it does make sense to use pastel and lighter hues of colors like pink and blue. Of course, those looking for bolder options can try out brighter forms of both the colors in the living room, but with restraint.

Rose Quartz and Serenity – Pantone Colors of 2016
Combine lighter shades of rose and soothing shades of blue effectively [From: West Elm]
Living room draped in blues with a hint of pink and orange [From: Anthony Baratta]
Try out your favorite shades of pink and blue in 2016 [From: Urban Home Magazine / Jim Schmid Photography]

Sherry Nothingam

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