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Natural Allure: 25 Home Offices That Celebrate the Charm of Live-Edge Décor

It is always hard to match the beauty and textural uniqueness of natural materials, and when it comes to home design and décor, wood definitely makes a big difference. Natural wooden surfaces bring along with them a raw, rustic charm and magnetism that are simply unrivaled. Despite all the glitz and glamour of polished stone and glass, the industrial appeal of concrete and the timeless charm of brick, wood holds its own both in terms of style and practicality. And live-edge décor takes this a step further, as it seems even more natural and untamed!

Stunning live edge office desk for the exceptional contemporary home office [Design: R Brant Design]

Having already brought to you the best live-edge coffee tables and dining tables in the last few weeks, today we turn our attention to the home office and the exceptional beauty of live-edge furniture. It is often natural-edge worktables that hold sway in the home office, but you can also opt for live-edge cabinets, reception desks and even lighting fixtures, which present an opportunity to move away from the mundane.

Contrasting Styles and Silhouettes

The live-edge desk can fit into a wide array of home offices that range from contemporary and modern to industrial and rustic. Another great benefit is that the natural wood desk does not affect the color scheme of the existing home office and easily blends in with the existing appeal of the space. By simply adding a cool wooden coffee table, small stool or even a few woodsy accessories, the home office seems far more curated, with the live-edge desk playing the role of the protagonist.

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Rustic home office with sleek live edge desk [From: Locati Architects / Gibeon Photography]
Wooden slats bring light into the modern home office with a live edge desk [Design: Dirk Denison Architects / Photography: David Matheson]
Breezy home office of NYC residence keeps things simple and uncluttered [Design: Amy Lau Design]

Even though the organic live-edge home office desk appears at home in traditional, rustic and industrial spaces, its real beauty is showcased in the minimal, contemporary settings where the neutral backdrop allows it to shine through. Bringing a contrasting texture and even geometric shape to a space filled with polished surfaces and straight lines, the live-edge desk becomes the showstopper here!

Glass walls of the home office bring natural greenery indoors [Design: Swatt Miers Architects]
Hand-crafted natural wood home office table and chair [Design: Littlebranch Farm]
Library and home office rolled into one with smart shelving and a live edge table [Design: SALA Architects]
Natural edge tables also bring geometric contrast to the home office [Design: Howells Architecture + Design]
Spacious home office with fireplace and live edge table [Design: James Glover Residential & Interior Design]

Small Home Office with a Live-Edge Desk

Not all of us have space for an expansive home office with amazing views of the ocean or the mountains that sit just a stone’s throw away. But you can definitely transform even your small home office in the basement or the attic into a truly inimitable place by simply adding a live-edge desk. All you need is that slab of natural wood you are in love with, a local craftsman and a bit of planning, and you can easily bring alive your dream of a home office filled with a splash of nature’s unadulterated charm.

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Natural edge work tables give you design freedom and usher in woodsy warmth [Design: California Wood Studios]
Neutral hues allow the live edge table in the home office to shine through [Design: Melissa McLay Interiors]
Refined home office with a lively backdrop and live edge workdesk [Design: Lo Studio]
Small home office design with a stylish live edge table and comfy chair [Design: Bark House]
Small rustic home office with live edge work desk and chair [Design: Matheny Goldmon Architects]
Fabulous home office with live edge desk and multiple workstations [Design: Amy Cuker]

A Curated Backdrop

Just because you fell in love with a live-edge home office desk does not mean that the rest of the room needs to necessarily be neutral. Even an eclectic and colorful home office can play host to a gorgeous live-edge table as long as you do not fill the room with too much detail and garish hues. Since gray is undoubtedly the hottest neutral around, combining it with bold and bright colors to create a refined yet cheerful color scheme is definitely a smart and trendy option.

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Dashing home office in gray with black shelves, cabinets and a live edge table [From: In Site Designs / Getz Creative Photography]
Delightful contemporary home office with blue rug, gray walls and a live edge table [Design: K&L Interiors]
Eclectic home office with cool shelving and smart desk [Design: Design Theory Interiors of California]
Contemporary home office with live edge desk [Design: Feldman Architecture]
Modern home office with fabulous live edge desk and light-filled interior [Design: Haustech]

Live-Edge Home Office Décor

It is not just the work desk that can deliver the brilliance of live-edge wood to the modern home office, and those far more adventurous with their decorating style can try out cool pendant lights crafted from live-edge wood. Then there are custom reception desks crafted entirely from natural slabs of wood like the ones below that take your love for all things wood to a whole new level. From filing cabinets to sleek wall-mounted shelves, pretty much every conventional piece of décor that you have in the home office can also be acquired in a live-edge wood version!

Live edge lighting finds space in this Scandinavian home office [Design: Kayla Burke Design]
Exquisite home office workstation crafted using raw, natural wood [Design: Live Edge Design]
All white home office with cozy wooden decor and live edge table [Design: Gabellini Sheppard Associates]
A cozy conversation nook in the modern home office with a smart live edge coffee table [From: New Energy Works Timberframers / Loren Nelson Photography]
Custom reception desk in natural wood with live edge finish for home office [Design: Design Trifecta Woodwork]

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