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Serenely Scandinavian: Light-Filled Renovation of Lisbon Apartment

Transforming an old apartment in a beautiful and refreshing modern hub takes much more than a simple revamp of the décor and color scheme. Often, it is lighting that is the biggest difference maker in most of these smart renovations that aim to drive away the dark and dreary vibe of poorly planned and aged interiors. Arkstudio accomplished precisely this as they gave a gloomy old apartment in the São Bento neighborhood of Lisbon a light-filled new lease on life! The style of the new apartment seems to be a blend of contemporary, vintage and Scandinavian styles, with a sprinkling of local flavor added to it all.

Light-filled living room of renovated apartment in Lisbon

It is easy to fall in love with the relaxing ambiance of the rejuvenated apartment where a neutral color scheme mixes with earthy hues to usher in a look that reflects the unique style of Lisbon. The living room is filled with ample ventilation that flows into the new, all-white kitchen that also houses the dining space. Décor is simple, contemporary and comfy, with Nordic influences finding a presence in pretty much every room of the apartment. A clutter-free arrangement of furniture and curated vintage accessories not only shape a pleasant setting but also showcase wonderful textural contrast.

Midcentury modern wooden sidetable below the wall-mounted TV

Elegant modern decor and itelligent design transform smart Sao Bento Apartment

Black and white framed wall art plays into the neutral color scheme of the living room

Modern and space-savvy kitchen in white of the Lisbin apartment

Polished kitchen countertop in white and nifty modern cabinets

Small, all-white kitchen design with tiled backsplash

Unique lighting fixture, wooden table and sleek chairs give the kitchen a modern Scandinavian feel

The bedroom embraces the color scheme and the style of the living space, with wooden surfaces adding inviting warmth to an otherwise white backdrop. Minimal bedside tables and lighting save up on space, even as a small work area and a wooden wardrobe complete this unassumingly beautiful room. [Photography: Rodrigo Cardoso]

Contemporary bedroom in white with a relaxing ambiance

Industrial-styled bedside lighting is simple and minimal

Bedside lighting idea for the small bedroom

Bedroom workspace and wooden wardrobe

Reading nook and workstation in the bedroom with Scandinavian style

Small bedroom design and decorating idea infused with cheerful Scandinavian style

Large window brings ample light into the bedroom

Modern wardrobe is elegant and space-savvy

Stylish Scandinavian bathroom filled with ample natural light

Open wooden bathroom vanity design

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