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LC4 Chaise Longue at its Modern Best: Comfortable Classic that is Forever in Trend!

There are décor pieces that stay relevant for a decade or two before they vanish into the wilderness and then there are those that stand the test of time and tend to become style-defining icons. Many of Le Corbusier designs fall into this category and the LC4 is undoubtedly the most luxurious of them all. Anytime we take a look at the LC4, we think about a world of sophistication style and plenty of luxury. It is a chair built for those with confidence; just enough to unwind without any barriers and to observe the world from a completely different viewpoint. What is amazing is that this was a chair designed in the 1920’s that feels so very apt for 2020’s.

LC4 lounger is a an iconic decor piece that has withstood the test of time [From: Estudio Gallardo]

The LC4 is a masterpiece that comes with a sleek tubular steel frame that was well ahead of its time. It has a distinct style that combines midcentury appeal with contemporary panache in a flowing fashion. The most surprising factor here is the fact that most people do not actually know that the chair can be adjusted to an upright position as well; something that seems so very elusive when you take a look at all the LC4 images that you can find across the globe! Refined and comfortable, let’s take a closer look at this amazing sculptural chaise longue.

For the Modern Home

The LC4 in the modern home holds its own no matter where you place it. Even in an open plan contemporary living room, the LC4 can make a visual impact unlike any other piece of furniture. There is a certain unassuming arrogance about this comfortable seat inspired by the classic French chaise longue. It seems to own the area it sits in and you could be forgiven for feeling that the chair is a touch too classy for your presence at times! Its slim frame along with a leather seat is the perfect combination in the modern interior.

Gorgeous and classic LC4 design inspired by the traditional French lounger [From: Sutton Suzuki Architects]
Light-filled living room of contemporary home with comfy couch and LC4 lounger [From: LDa Architecture & Interiors]
Brilliance of the LC4 lounger combines ultimate comfort with plenty of panache! [From: Panache Interiors]

Adapting to Styles

You would be pleasantly surprised to know that the LC4 can fit into rooms with a variety of styles with ease. The trick is to find one with a canvas or leather fabric that accentuates the color scheme or theme of the space it sits in. The LC4 in black leather is the most popular choice with one in cowhide seeming much more at home in farmhouse, industrial and rustic spaces. Do not fret too much about the fabric that you choose as the LC4 has a funny way of fitting in everywhere. And if it also has a tendency to elevate the style quotient of any room that it graces.

Fabulous LC4 designed by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret
Finding an impressive little spot for the LC4 lounger in the small living room
African style interior with the LC4 in cowhide that accentuates the style of the room [From: KuDa Photography / Derrell Parker]

Comfort that Never Fails

One of the lesser known perks of the LC4 is how good the chair is for those suffering from any backaches and in a world where sitting has become the root cause for most health issues, this chaise longue comes as a pleasant surprise. It fits into even the smallest of corners and there are occasions when just the LC4 coupled with a minimal side table and floor lamp can turn a forgotten niche into a dashing reading zone that everyone in the family enjoys. A perfect style icon that is worth every penny you spend on it!

Design of the LC4 lounger was well ahead of its time with its tubular steel frame and leather seat [From: Lucid Interior Design]
LC4 lounger in black adds contrast to the white, small living room [From: Conley & Co.]
Changing the material of the LC4 lounger gives it a different style and allows it to adapt to various themes [From: gnaedinger architekten]

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