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Black Kitchen Appliances: Dark and Bold Additions for Every Kitchen

The kitchen is the first place we tend to think about when we are planning for a home makeover. In the modern house, it is the kitchen that is increasingly becoming the heart and soul of the living area and the central social zone. This is exactly why we love the idea of adding that something different to the kitchen space without trying far too hard. Sometimes a simple change in the color plan or just a switch of accent hues can do the trick. On other occasions you want to try out an entirely new style that gives the kitchen and the areas adjacent to it a whole new look. But today we take the less-travelled path and turn our attention towards kitchen appliances.

Classy light-filled kitchen with blue cabinets and appliances in black

The best kitchen appliances are often based on their performance and what they tend to deliver on a day-to-day basis for years to come. And that is something that should undoubtedly be the predominant factor when you pick your kitchen range. But that does not mean functionality definitely has to take a backseat in the kitchen. You can easily combine both and deliver a stunning kitchen that feels a touch different from the usual. Today, we explore the beauty of black kitchen appliances and range and the important role they play in creating that picture-perfect modern-day kitchen.

In White and Neutral Kitchen

It goes without saying that adding a hint of black to the white kitchen is an easy way to create visual contrast and to even anchor the space at times. Black appliances are easy to find in the market these days and you will not really have to spend a fortune on making this shift. In the wood and white kitchen or just a modern white kitchen with ample natural light, a black refrigerator, or even black range along with matching hood can make a big visual impact. They can be little islands of deep color in an otherwise bright social setting.

Gorgeous pendants in black accentuate the beauty of the kitchen range in the same color [From: Neptune by Global Village]
It is easy to notice the beautiful use of black appliances in this white Santa Monica Kitchen [From: J. Grant Design Studio]
Minimal kitchen in white with equally smart dark appliances thrown into the mix
Sophisticated minimal kitchen in white where bar chairs and appliances usher in a dash of black [From: Stefano Pasquali Architetto]
White walls and cabinetry of custom farmhouse kitchen in Melbourne allow the black appliances to make a bigger impact [From: Steding Interiorrs & Joiney]
Basement apartment kitchen in white where black appliances stand out even more visually [From: MIRA Floors and Interiors]
Black kitchen range brings even more contrast to the space in wood and brick

Black in the Kitchen

If you are someone who is a touch circumspect about using black in the kitchen, we can assure you that in 2020, that is not a problem at all. Just make sure that you have the right balance between artificial lighting and natural light inside the kitchen and the black kitchen comes alive. Black brings a certain sense of sophistication to the kitchen and you can combine dark kitchen range with black countertops, shelves and smart finishes to paint a monochromatic picture that still manages to steal the spotlight. Once again, viewed in the context of an open plan living space, the black kitchen feels energetic, unique and has an identity of its own.

Copper and black custom kitchen range shapes this cool modern Victorian kitchen
Glossy black appliances fit into a colorful kitchen with ease [From Jasmin Reese Interiors]
Traditional kitchen in stone with textured walls and black appliances [From: Celtic Custom Homes]
Trendy contemporary kitchen in white with high gloss black appliances and cabinetry [From: Suzanne Allen Design]
Black appliances add gloss and class to the contemporary kitchen in wood and white
Black cabinets, backsplash and appliances create monochromatic single-wall kitchen

A Style Statement that is Timeless

It is amazing to see how easily black kitchen appliances fit in with a wide range of style and do so without demanding too much from you. In the modern-industrial kitchen, black is a color that can be used extensively while in the farmhouse and rustic kitchens vintage range with ornate brass design and black finish is a timeless choice that will last mere trends. Whether you wish to combine it with woodsy elegance or prefer a more modern, minimal backdrop, black kitchen appliances fit in everywhere!

Exquisite mid-century kitchen with wooden cabinets, green tiled backsplash and black appliances [From: Fireclay Tile]
Light-filled beach style kitchen in black and white [From: Black and White Projects]
Simple and elegant L-shaped midcentury modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and black appliances [From: San Francisco Bay Area Architects]
Wood, white and black combined seamlessly in the small modern kitchen
Beautiful industrial style kitchen full of textural contrast, black appliances and dark countertops [From: Art Space Buro]
Brilliant blend of reclaimed wood and black in the farmhouse style kitchen

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