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Hot Kitchen Trends to Try Out Beyond the Obvious: 50 Best Ideas and More!

Despite still struggling to beat the post-festive season blues, the first week of 2019 is the time when we are taking a step back and looking at all the ways in which we can improve our homes and give them a ‘new and trendy look’ for the year ahead. It is the perfect time to put those may ideas you have been having for a long time to work and when it comes to renovating our home, most of us tend to instinctively start with the kitchen. The modern kitchen is a space that combines functionality and form with an inviting setting that brings people together. It is in this ambiance that we explore the hot kitchen trends tipped for the year ahead which venture beyond the obvious.

Contemporary shaker-style kitchen in dark gray! [From: deVOL Kitchens]

The best and unique kitchen trends set to bowl over homeowners and designers alike in the next 12 months are ones that combine a sense of relaxation and the idea of social kitchen with organic finishes, bright accents and styles that emphasize on comfort above sophistication. These 50 ideas offer all the inspiration you need as you start to get back to work while thinking about a smart, new interior for 2019.

Creating a Cozy, Relaxing Nook

This is one idea that you must embrace in 2019; if you have not already done so in the year gone by. The best kitchens are the ones that bring people together and with a window seat that overlooks the landscape outside, you have that perfect option in the kitchen. Since most modern kitchens are being placed at the end of the open plan living with connectivity to the garden, deck, patio or even the view outside, it makes perfect sense to add a bay window seat that allows you to take it all in. For families with kids, this becomes a practical option where the adults can keep an eye on the little ones without any hassle.

Gorgeous and spacious kitchen and dining with ample window seating is perfect for the large modern family [From: Kurt Johnson Photography]
Keeping the smart window seat design casual and minimal in the contemporary kitchen
Narrow and woodsy contemporary kitchen with window seat at its end [From: Hsu McCullough]
Narrow kitchens with a view are the perfect places for a comfy bay window seat [From: Zugai Strudwick Architects]
Picking a window seat that works best in your kitchen
Spacious seating next to the window offers a lovely view of the garden
Tiny window seat for the eclectic kitchen with a small dining table [From: Fantoush]
Window seat in the white Scandinavian kitchen that you would hardly notice from a distance [From: Amberth]
Working with the limited available space for the window seat
Comfy window seat with colorful cushion adds brightness along with storage to the kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Makes a Statement

If there is one style that has been making the biggest impact in the year gone by and shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever, then it is the modern farmhouse look. In kitchens, this combines modern functionality with farmhouse-inspired aesthetics and in a world that is once again falling in love with wood, the style makes perfect sense. The balance between farmhouse and modern elements depends on your personal taste and the rest of your home. You can lean towards one or the other by just altering tiny details, and structural features and the transition from modern to farmhouse would feel almost seamless.

Create your own blend of modern and farmhouse styles in the kitchen
Elegant light blue kitchen island brings color to an otherwise neutral setting
Pastel green and blue for the modern farmhouse kitchen [From: Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design]
Reclaimed wood creates a gorgeous accent wall in the attic farmhouse kitchen
Small farmhouse kitchen in white and wood with a bit of festive cheer [From: Parisi Images]
Stunningly colorful kitchen in yellow with a ceiling that also stands out [From: Fawn Galli Interiors]
Vintage fridge in the corner adds to the farmhouse appeal of the kitchen in white [From: ABBW angelobruno building workshop]
Wood and white is a popular choice in the farmhouse style kitchen
Wood brings warmth to the smart farmhouse style kitchen
Cheerful and stylish modern farmhouse kitchen in white [From: MY MY Photography]

Time to Try Out Wood Floors

If you have not already checked out the white and wood kitchens that we have featured, then you absolutely must as this is a color scheme that you just cannot ignore at the moment! An extension of this love of wood is the comeback of sorts of wooden floors in the kitchen. Previously considered high-maintenance and hard to clean, modern wooden floors with right treatment can be both durable and elegant. If you are still not convinced you can cover areas that see heavy traffic with carpets while still enjoying the beauty of wood floors.

It is the flooring that brings wood to this contemporary kitchen in white
Kitchen of the converted London home feels like an extension of the living room
Lovely wood floor can add to the color palette of your kitchen
Minimal Scandinavian style kitchen and dining area with black and wood
Wood brick and polished modern surfaces find space here
Wood floor gives this kitchen the classic cabin-kitchen vibe
Wooden floor separates the kitchen from the patio outside
Ceiling and floor bring woodsy element into this kitchen
Covering up the kitchen wooden floor with a carpet to avoid damage
Gray, white and wood kitchen with a floor that matches with the cabinets beautifully

Add in Sparkle of Metal

Beyond style, functionality and warmth of wood, we turn our focus towards an element that will give brightness to your small kitchen without overdoing it. Metallic accents have been popular for a while now, but take them a yard further this year with metallic backsplashes in copper or stainless steel for an even more vibrant kitchen space. Hood and appliances in matching hue also give the kitchen a more curated visual appeal while accentuating the influence of metallics.

Finding the metallic hue of your choice for the farmhouse style kitchen
Fun way to bring metallic beauty to the modern kitchen
It is Brushed antique English brass cup handles that add metallic charm to this kitchen
Metal and wood industrial style kitchen
Stainless steel hood and backsplash for the modern kitchen [From: Dora Brigham Interiors]
Trio of brass pendants along with kitchen fixtures bring brightness to the space
Unique kitchen with weathered wooden cabinets and metallic backdrop
Custom copper and stainless steel range along with dishware make a statement in this kitchen
Custom penny tiled copper kitchen backsplash
Exquisite metallic backsplash fills the room with light

Cannot Shake those Shaker Style Cabinets!

A classic that only seems to have been improved by our love for polished, contemporary design, shaker-style has made a huge comeback in the last few years. These gorgeous cabinets add symmetry and sophistication to the kitchen in an understated fashion. With many variants and endless options, a shaker-style kitchen finds space next to minimal, modern living rooms with ease.

Closer look at the shaker cabinets with a contemporary finish [From: CliqStudios]
Shaker-style cabinets bring symmetry and style to the modern kitchen [From: Heidi Caillier Design]
Shaker-style cabinets can work with a variety of styles with ease
Shaker-style kitchens are still in fashion and combine sophistication with timeless design [From: Braam’s Custom Cabinets]
White and wood shaker style kitchen works for everyone! [From: Chalkhouse Interiors]
Wooden pegs give the cabinets a classic shaker-style vibe
Bespoke kitchen in London home with plenty of shaker style goodness [From: Charlie Kingham Guildford]
Cabinets add color and style to this white kitchen
Cabinets with shaker style give the kitchen a picture-perfect look while focusing on functionality

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