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Kid-Friendly Multifunctional Design Studio and Apartment in Poznan

It is hard enough to design an ergonomic and aesthetic modern apartment in limited space, but the task becomes trickier when you need to also incorporate a design studio within the limited confines. Add to this the need to transform it into a safe and kid-friendly setting that a six-year old can also enjoy and you have the Brandburg Home and Studio in Poznan. Crafted with care and creativity by mode:lina studio, the smart apartment occupies just 37 square meters and manages to squeeze in a multifunctional studio, apartment and even a secret storage unit for the homeowner’s kid.

Custom crafted box in the apartment contains workspace, loft bed, kitchen and storage space

This was accomplished by using a custom-crafted box made out of sterling boards that sits at the heart of the revamped apartment. The cool box holds a dashing kitchen in black on the outside, a loft bed that acts as the bedroom and a home workstation that offers ample storage space. Inside the box one finds additional storage units along with a secret hideaway for the little one at home. There is also a cool cabinet that tucks away all those bundles of toys even as the open living area charms with a simple gallery wall, a small couch and a table on wheels.

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Brandburg Home and Studio in Poznan

Living room of the small design studio and apartment in Poznan

Minimal gallery wall for the stylish and small living room

Loft bed, workstation, kitchen and kid's hideout rolled into one

Multifunctional design studio space and apartment in Poznan

Small apartment and design studio in Poznan

Small design studio and apartment rolled in one

The minimal design of the apartment was specifically created to ensure that clients who step into the space do not feel like walking into a home. Yet, once the weekend rolls in or the sun sets on a long day, the apartment can be turned into a cozy, safe and wonderful living environment that is also welcoming. [Photography: Patryk Lewiński]

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Small design studio and apartment rolled in one

Custom box crafted out of sterling boards also contains the kitchen

Kid-friendly apartment design with hidden storage for toys

Smart home workstation design with shelf space and loft bed above

Space-savvy home design along with a design studio

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Storage unit on wheels hide away toys of the 6 year old

Bicycle used as decorative piece for home design

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