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New York City Townhouse Makes a Splash with White Backdrop and Bright Accents

We love beautifully renovated homes where the interior comes into focus more than just the rear addition or the small extension that provides a new social zone for the family. Nestled in the packed and busy neighborhood of Jackson Heights in New York City, this lovely townhouse was revamped and renovated by Ward 5 Design even as its exterior remains unaltered. Welcoming you indoors here is a bright bluish-gray door that leads to the open and spacious living area in white. Decor inside the living room is modern and elegant with gold-framed mirrors, console tables and lighting fixtures providing the necessary sparkle.

Remodeled interior of the townhouse in New York with a bluish-gray door and a white backdrop

Move further inside and you will see a spacious and well-lit dining area next to the window with banquette-style seating stealing the spotlight. Bright yellow chairs are added to this setting to offer additional sitting space while on the other side of the staircase is the contemporary kitchen with wooden floor and a stone backsplash. The staircase leads to the bedroom and bathroom above and also acts as a delineating feature between the bedroom and the home workspace on the first floor.

It is the staircase that divides the living and dining area from the kitchen
Kitchen of the renovated townhouse in white with wooden floor and stone backsplash
Staircase inside the renovated NY townhouse with natural light illuminating the space
Upper level bedroom and home office of the renovated townhouse in New York
Banquette style dining area in the corner along with additional seats in yellow

The small upper level holds the master bedroom with open closet and a small, stylish bathroom with black walls and a white shower area. Smart placement of windows, a white background and colorful accents in yellow, blue and red in every room of the house ensure that there is no dullness inside this urbane new residence. [Photography: Pixy Interiors]

Bedroom of the house with closet on the upper level with a bright and cheerful appeal
Home office on the upper level with a view of the bedroom along with comfy seating
Polished contemporary bathroom in black with black tiled floor and white ceiling
White shower area with a skylight gives the bathroom a brighter, more spacious appeal

Sherry Nothingam

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