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Little Italy Meets Parisian Chic Inside This Fashionable Melbourne Home

Carlton is a neighborhood in Melbourne that is renowned as Little Italy and this Victorian-era house with a reworked interior perfectly epitomizes this along with a dose of modernity. The house has a traditional street façade with Italianate-style terrace that has been kept intact by Biasol even as the interior feels refined and sophisticated. What you see as you step inside is a distinct shift towards modern minimalism as white takes over the entire setting. Black window frames and accents help anchor this space even as a lovely, well-lit atrium adds greenery to the setting with ease.

Rear facade of Casa Atrio with a private backyard
Rear facade of Casa Atrio with a private backyard

The open plan living area contains a kitchen and dining area with marble countertops and brass pendant fixtures adding brightness and ample textural contrast. A few of the old Victorian elements have been preserved and integrated to the newer motifs while the bedrooms sit on the top level and provide complete privacy. You can see a black and white color palette in every room of Casa Atrio and framed black and white photographs along with stoic windows frames further enhance this background.

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Classic street facade of the Victorian style Melbourne home with Italianate-style terrace
Gorgeous Melbourne home with a timeless Italian flavor
Long corridor and atrium welcome you at this Melbourne house
Lovely little atrium brings greenery to the kitchen and living area
Stylish and minimal living room in white with a bright blue sofa
Marble along with metallic pendant fixture brings polished elegance to the interior
Perfect way to add bright metallic charm to the contemporary dining room
Spacious modern kitchen in black and white with marble island tops

Custom furniture in each room makes the house even more special as smartly placed windows and sliding glass doors bring in necessary natural light. Transition between spaces feels natural as a chic Parisian style makes a bold statement inside an Aussie residence with Italian heritage. Talk about a house that blends styles cultures and blurs mundane boundaries with ease! [Photography: Derek Swalwell]

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Framed black and white photographs fit in with the minimal backdrop
Iconic modern decor adds sophistication to the trendy living room
Minimal contemporary bathroom in white with a touch to accentuate its style
Modern minimal bathroom in white with a slim vanity and stone contertop
Window in the corner brings light in the minimal white bathroom
Contemporary kitchen in black and white with framed glass walls
Elegant and polished bedroom of Casa Atrio

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