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Rainbow Shine: Iridescent and Holographic Decor

Coming soon to an interior near you…playful decor with a rainbow effect! Have you noticed the iridescent and holographic trends that are taking the fashion and DIY worlds by storm?! Now it’s time for these trends to move into the realm of interior design. Today we take a look at a collection of items that shimmer and shine. It’s iridescent and holographic style for your interior! From party supplies to vases and flatware, if it has an unusual finish with a multicolored glow, you’ll find it below. Enjoy!

Holographic Decor

Let’s start with holographic decor possibilities, from pillows to party decorations. These DIY Koosh Ball Pillows from Studio DIY are created from iridescent fabric with a holographic effect. And of course, Koosh balls!

Koosh ball pillows from Studio DIY

If you’re crafty, you’ll be delighted to know that Etsy offers a range of holographic art supplies, including this holographic metallic leather fabric from Leather & Ink:

Holographic leather fabric from Etsy shop Leather & Ink

A dreamy pink hue can be seen when this Holographic Leather Fabric from Etsy shop BransTak catches the light. Faux leather is the material of choice, specifically polyurethane.

Holographic faux leather fabric from Etsy shop BransTak

For a peel-and-stick solution to add a rainbow of vibrancy to your walls, check out this Holographic Moon Decal and Holographic Geometric Decal from Etsy shop Sticky Thingz:

Holographic decals from Etsy shop Sticky Thingz

Is it fabric?! It’s actually an art print that brings holographic shine to your walls! Appropriately titled Holographic, this print by Vivienn can be purchased via Society6:

Holographic print by Vivien via Society6

Ready for a party? Add some whimsical style to your fete with this Holographic Moon Balloon Set from Urban Outfitters, sold in a set of two:

Holographic moon balloons from Urban Outfitters

Etsy shop Oh Shiny! Paper Co. also offers a Holographic Moon Balloon. Oh, the power of mylar!…

Holographic mylar balloon from Etsy shop Oh Shiny Paper Co.

Create a garland that sparkles and shimmers with the help of this Holographic New Year’s Eve Garland tutorial from Paper & Stitch. Holographic paper makes a big impact in these festive party decorations:

Holographic garland DIY from Paper & Stitch
Holographic garland DIY from Paper & Stitch

How fabulous is this multi-color plastic sheeting from Etsy shop Tavoos Arts Technicolor?! Because sometimes a good art supply is all it takes to create your own design that reflects the latest trends. We can see this sheeting being used to craft something sculptural. Don’t you love the way it catches the light?!

Multicolor plastic sheeting from Etsy shop Tavoos Arts

Don’t be afraid to add some much-needed glam and glitz with this Silver Holographic Glitter from Etsy shop Glitz Galaxy. Use it to enhance a range of decor items, from vases to DIY wall art:

Silver holographic glitter from Etsy shop Glitz Galaxy

We now showcase a couple of lights that channel holographic style. This rotating Prisma Kaleidoscopic Light from Urban Outfitters brings a rainbow of color to the walls:

Kaleidoscopic light from Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters’ Rotating Mini Prisma Light projects red, blue and green shapes onto the wall, creating the perfect party atmosphere (or a little bit of nightly ambience):

Prisma light from Urban Outfitters

Iridescent Style

From the holographic to the iridescent, we begin with this Iridescent 5-Piece Flatware Set from ABC Carpet & Home, which has intrigued the design blogosphere since it first debuted. The stainless steel flatware is made in Italy:

Iridescent flatware from ABC Carpet & Home

When iridescence meets fine art, you get a showpiece that becomes the focal point of any room. The Iridescent Handblown Glass Vase below is from the Etsy shop of Eric W. Hansen

Iridescent glass vase by Eric W. Hansen

For more colorful fun from ABC Carpet & Home, check out these Iridescent Serving Utensils. The set includes a gravy ladle, serving fork, cake server and serving spoon:

Iridescent serving utensils from ABC Carpet & Home

Intersecting lines add a layer of intrigue to this iridescent vase, another creation from Hansen Art Glass, the Etsy shop of Eric W. Hansen:

Iridescent vase by Eric W. Hansen

Last but not least, below we see Iridescence, an striking art print by Tessa Maurer via Society6. Don’t hesitate to check out Society6 for a range of art possibilities featuring both iridescent and holographic motifs.

Iridescent art print by Tessa Maurer via Society6

Why go holographic and iridescent at home? Because holographic and iridescent pieces are unusual. They’re colorful. And they’re ever-changing, depending on how they catch the light. Perhaps one or both of these trends will become the next ombre. With a lot more shimmer, of course!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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