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Hardwood and Concrete Create a Suburban Sanctuary that Opens Towards Wetlands

In the urban and suburban environment, there are times when you need to create your own space. This is achieved by design that urns an otherwise crowded setting into a private sanctuary with smart orientation and a balance between privacy and connectivity with the outdoors. Nestled in the lovely seaside town of Torquay, Victoria, this dynamic concrete house does just that as it shapes a protected urban escape for a modern family even as it sits next to a wetland and golf course. On the outside one can clearly see the impact of raw concrete finishes that also dominate the interior. This roughness is balanced by the presence of warm wooden surfaces as Auhaus Architecture + Interiors build a charming suburban home.

Natural hardwood and concrete contemporary house in the seaside resort Torquay, Victoria

The last two decades have seen homeowners slowly but steadily move away from the polished finishes of the 90’s and embrace more imperfect materials like concrete, reclaimed wood and even cement. This approach can be easily noticed in this Aussie home with exposed raw concrete walls in every room of the house and also on the outside. A double-height entry coupled with an open courtyard welcome you inside and sliding glass walls connect the interior with the open areas outside. Dark flooring and black wooden cabinets stand in contrast to the lovely white marble backsplash and concrete sets the rugged minimal decorating tone in the bedroom and bathrooms as well. [Photography: Derek Swalwell]

Spiral staircase leads to the locally planted rooftop gardens on the upper level of the house
Beautiful home in concrete and wood opens up towards the wetlands and the gold course outside
Sliding glass doors, concrete and greenery make the biggest impression inside this home
Glass walls connect the interior of the house and the hallways with the exterior outside
Interior courtyards and gardens create a lovely green refuge inside the confines of the compact suburban home
Open space inside the house bring the outdoors inside without compromising privacy
Raw concrete walls in the living room along with wooden ceiling usher in ample textural contrast

Tightly hemmed in by suburban houses but backing onto wetlands and golf course, the house is treated as a walled sanctuary, opening up into itself, an internalised habitat with locally planted roof gardens and curated glimpses onto the wetlands.

Bold metallic hoods along with marble backsplash in the kitchen shape a lovely focal point
Contemporary staircase inside the house leads to the upper level of the house
Exposed concrete walls create a modern minimal backdrop in the bedroom with sliding glass doors
Slim marble vanity in the concrete bathroom creates visual contrast inside the small space

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