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Cozy Farmhouse Style Nurseries in White and Wood: Best Ideas and Inspirations

Farmhouse Style is one that is anchored in simplicity and that is what makes it so very special in current times where everything feels so much more complicated. It is a style born from a rustic backdrop and it has survived decades of urban onslaught to still retain much of its vernacular charm. Farmhouse style allows you to explore imperfections, live with them without much fuss and you can place practicality above polished aesthetics in here. The best farmhouse style interiors these days combine modernity with this ageless style in a seamless fashion. So why not embrace this cool style in the nursery as well!

Perfect wooden accent wall for the modern farmhouse style nursery with pops of teal thrown into the mix [From: Ann Cox Design]

Modern farmhouse style nurseries are not too demanding when it comes to new-age design and you can turn any room into one without undertaking major renovations. And today, we explore the world of farmhouse style nurseries in white and wood – spaces that feel as cozy as they are modern and are as elegant as they are unassuming. Step into this captivatingly beautiful world as you welcome your special little one home –

Coziness of Wood with Authenticity

Wood in the farmhouse style interiors is an absolute must and this is the perfect way to bring something different to the white space without relying on color. Instead of using ‘something new’ in the nursery, try reclaimed wood for a farmhouse style nursery that is even more exciting. The wooden accent wall in the white nursery makes an instant impact and you can add décor in wood to complement it naturally. Even a wood floor allows you to add this textural element that is an absolute must in the farmhouse nursery.

Finding the right balance between farmhouse and modern styles in the white and wood nursery [From: Ewen Architektur Innenarchitektur]
Textured walls add to the farmhouse style of the beautiful nursery in white and wood [From: Kristy Elaine]
A bit of beige adds to the elegance of this farmhouse nursery in white with wood floor and ample space [From: Cordier Innenarchitektur]
Combine white with light gray and wood for a light-filled and fabulous nursery [From: The Finishers Toronto Renovations]

Rich in Textural Charm

Natural colors and textures are always welcome in the farmhouse style nursery and this is why white and wood is such a perfect combination in here. This does not mean you need to strictly stay away from all other colors. Pastel hues, restrained pops of bright colors and neutrals like gray are all welcome in here when you use them right. They do not take away from the color scheme and instead elevate the wood and white color palette that sets the backdrop. Throw in a sliding barn style door, pendants with a bit of rustic panache and art work with rural themes for that beautiful nursery that will grow with your little one.

Gender-neutral modern farmhouse nursery in white with wallpaper on walls [From: Foley Built]
Girls’ nursery feels refreshing and modern thanks to its white and wood color palette [From: Jo Alcorn]
Dash of Parisian charm finds its way into this wood and white farmhouse style nursery

Finding a Balance Between Modern and Farmhouse

Do not worry too much about veering towards one direction of the other in nursery when you are trying to create a modern farmhouse nursery. If you want a nursery that is more modern than farmhouse in style, then cut back on the woodsy elements and rely on a bit more color for brightness. Also keep the furniture as modern as possible including the lighting fixtures and wall art. You can take the opposite direction and add antiques, curated wall art with rustic charm and one up the woodsy element for a nursery that is more farmhouse than modern.

Balanced gender-neutral white and wood nursery of New York home with a dash of greenery to enliven it [From: AHG Interiors]
Bohemian charm combined with farmhouse touches in the fabulous little nursery [From: Livettes wallpaper]
Bring the right crib into the farmhouse style nursery with white and wood color duo
Chic farmhouse style nursery with more white than wood making a statement [From: Alturas Homes]

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