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Farmhouse Living Room Design Guide: Tips, Ideas and Inspirations

It is good to switch between styles every once in a while. Admittedly, it is not for everyone and some might prefer to leave the style of their home unaltered and would prefer to tinker with the more minute details. But for those looking to try out a different style in their living room or planning for a new home, farmhouse brings with it a host of wide-ranging benefits. Farmhouse style is simple, uncomplicated and one that is not too demanding on your purse strings either! And every farmhouse style living space feels both cozy and aesthetic when done right; offering a prefect gathering space for family and friends.

Finding the right art and decorative pieces for the relaxing farmhouse style living room [From: Blackthorn Interiors]

The beauty of modern-farmhouse style is the way in which it intertwines rustic elements with modern ergonomics to offer the very best of both styles. Pleasing and functional at the same time, these living spaces often end up being the heart of your home. Combine it with a smart kitchen in similar style and you have the perfect open plan living. From décor and accessories to backdrop and colors, this is your basic guide to getting the farmhouse look right in the living room –

Going Back to the Basics

If there is one word that we would like to use to perfectly sum up modern farmhouse style, then it is definitely ‘down-to-earth’. The style basically forces you to step back and embrace some of the more vernacular elements of home architecture and design while fluidly combining them with modern comforts. It is a fun and ingenious mix with different regions of the world producing their own versions of farmhouse style that is slightly different. Natural, elegant and utilitarian, the picture-perfect farmhouse living space is not always about perfection.

Finding the right decor and accessories for the modern farmhouse style living room [From: Pennington Home]
Comfy farmhouse living room with warm neutral hues and stone fireplace

Embracing Vernacular Elements

It is important to remember that the classic farmhouse style living room from a century ago is very different from the one we intend to shape today. That is why one needs a careful mix of what is considered rustic with more modern functionality that serves you diligently. It could be those old, reclaimed wooden shelves in the corner, that antique rug that has plenty of wear and tear or a variety of textures and finishes that usher in wood, brick and concrete – you can always add certain individual elements to the modern living space to give it a ‘farmhouse-centric’ makeover.

Custom coffee table adds an interesting visual element to this small farmhouse living room [From: Unique Homestays]
Adding a bit of color and cheerful zest to the double-height living space in white

Lovely Wall Panels

Wall paneling provides inarguably the best backdrop for your farmhouse style living space. It gives the room that ‘air of vintage charm’. Even if you do not have wall panels under those plastered walls, you can always add them to your existing living space. You can choose from a wide range of options with tongue-and-groove and beadboard being the most preferred options in farmhouse spaces across the globe. Whether it is for the entire room, or just a smaller, accent section, wall paneling always make an impact in here.

Wood paneling accent sections add a unique textural charm to this white farmhouse style living space [From: Judith Balis Interiors]
Beadboard wall paneling adds a more authentic vibe to the farmhouse style living space

Earth Tones and Natural Hues

When it comes to choosing colors for the farmhouse livings pace, it is best to stick to neutral colors for the backdrop and earthen tones for accents. Since wood is such a major part of the design here, you already have a hint of visual contrast. Bright colors tend to push these rooms towards a more rustic style. Colors like light blue, gray, beige and even greige can be used in here instead of ‘plain white’ for a more interesting space.

Modern farmhouse style living room in white with fireplace, wooden beams and cozy décor [From: Buchanan Construction]
Chevron pattern fireplace backdrop makes an instant impact in this small farmhouse style living room [From: Robin Quarrelle Photography]

Rustic Elements with Modern Twist

Even though some farmhouse style homeowners might prefer that large leather couch at the heart of it all, most of the modern farmhouse rooms tend to veer more towards modern than the latter when it comes to décor. A weathered wooden coffee table or a wiry side table add to the mix while features like the large, sliding barn door ensure that the room has a more authentic ‘farmhouse vibe’.

Small and elegant modern farmhouse style living space with wooden ceiling [From: Oleg Nagel Interior Photography]
Stone fireplace becomes the focal point in this gorgeous farmhouse style fireplace [From: LVZ Design]

Uncluttered with Pastoral Art Pieces

No matter what the style of the living room is, creating an uncluttered living room is an obvious choice. But, in case of the farmhouse living room you are not burdened by the need to fill the space with unnecessary décor pieces. Let the brick wall in the backdrop, fireplace and the art piece depicting the countryside shine through as you keep the backdrop neutral and understated.

Reinvent the look of the classic farmhouse living room with tropical touches
Double-height farmhouse style living area with stone walls and wooden ceiling
Gray and white farmhouse living room with modernity thrown into the mix [From: Amber Dooley Photography]

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