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Smart and Chic Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

How your towel feels and smells like is an important part of your bath experience so it’s important they are stored properly. The bathroom is not a germ-free place so there are frequent debates about whether towels should be stored in the bathroom or not. You can, as long as you get the right storage unit.

There are different types of bathroom towel storage units ranging from rods to shelves. The right fit for you depends on the space in your bathroom, the decor style, and how many towels you plan to store. Here, we’ll give you 10 options you can explore for your bathroom.

Suspended Shelves

Suspended shelves are great additions to a modern bathroom. They look sleek and would blend in easily. They are also trendy at the moment. They are available in so many different sizes and designs; you’ll be spoiled for choice. They are great for storing your towels of different sizes. You can also use them to store a few other bathroom accessories, but you must be careful not to add heavy items. Even though they are quite sturdy, they do have weight limits.



  1. Door Mounted Towel Bars

Prefer a simple bathroom towel storage? Here’s the one. It makes use of the least space possible and can fit in easily in a classy bathroom. The bar is usually made of stainless steel which can be coated to look gold, silver, or bronze. Your color choice depends on the other fixtures in your bathroom. Based on the average size of a door, you can fix up to two bars as three might be too many. This ensures that the towels don’t touch each other and the one below is a safe distance from the ground.

Door Mounted Towel Bars


  1. Narrow Wall Cabinet Towel Storage

Your towel storage can be built-in with the wall of your bathroom. This is a not-so-obvious storage unit. The space between the wall and the partition should be divided into horizontal compartments so it can store many towels without them touching each other. This unit usually uses up little space so the towels are rolled to store.



Tiered Woven Baskets  on Wall

This storage idea is not only largely inexpensive but also gives a rustic feel to your bathroom. The baskets can be of the same size although having different sizes arranged in a tiered form can be more aesthetic-looking. Towels can be folded or stored in rolls depending on your preference. The wall you attach the baskets to is based on what is most convenient for you. It is advised you use the one closest to your shower.



Upcycled Washtub

Looking out for the environment is one of the noble things you can do and it’s in the little things. Upcycling is one great way to do that. For a start, you can upcycle an old washtub as your towel storage. There isn’t much to do aside from using a plank or something of that nature to create compartments and then hang the tub on the wall. You might also want to make it look better with spray paint. Try not to paint it a color that is way different from your other bathroom accessories. This makes it blend in easier and makes your bathroom look better overall.

Upcycled Washtub Towel Storage


Wooden Ladder Towel Holder

A ladder might indeed be an unusual thing to find in a bathroom but it can be very useful, so why not? Get yourself a small wooden ladder and place it in your bathroom. Since it is made of wood and is likely to come in contact with moisture one way or the other, it should be sealed to make it last longer. You can easily place your towel on the ladder steps.



Tiered Bushel Basket

Do you know those metal racks in the store where different newspapers and magazines are kept? Exactly! Having one in your bathroom can be quite handy. You can use it to store different sizes of towels and even some other toiletries. You can have it placed closest to your bathtub so once you’re out, you can easily stretch your hands to take your towel.



Vertical Towel Bar Mount

This is a stainless steel bar mounted vertically on the wall of your bathroom. There is usually a flat material between the wall and the rod. This ensures the towels don’t have direct contact with the bathroom walls. Towels are rolled and pushed between the rod and the other flat surface. Depending on how long the rod is, several towels can fit in.



Stainless Steel Towel Stand

Stainless steel towel stands are great for the bathroom as there is no real risk of rust. They come in different shapes and sizes. There are small ones majorly built for small towels like face towels. These types are placed on the bathroom basin alongside some bath products. The larger ones are made to stand on the floor and hold larger towels. Your purchase is based on your needs.



Wicker Basket for Rolled Towels

Wicker baskets come in different shapes and sizes. You can also get them in different colors. They are made from environmentally friendly materials which is a plus. Depending on how many towels you need to store, you should buy the smallest size needed so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space. You can place it close to your bathtub or just outside your shower.




Towels are to be kept fresh, clean, and dry to avoid them harboring germs. This is the reason you need proper bathroom towel storage. With one of these, you can keep your worries at bay and have a nice and relaxing bath experience. You won’t have to keep only one towel in the bathroom or forget to bring your towel into the bathroom leaving you stranded. These ideas are great and you can purchase or install any one of them as soon as possible.

Emmanuel Ojodun

I write for decoist.

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