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Delectable Dining Chairs from Three Danish Brands

Dining chairs come in all manner of shapes and sizes, styles and shades. New chair designs, from a multitude of brands, appear on a regular basis: the choice is literally overwhelming. If you’re in the market for new chairs, this writer’s advice is to think long-term: invest in designs that will last for many years; buy chairs that you will cherish and care for.

Three Danish brands with delectable dining chairs are Brdr. Krüger, Fredericia and Menu.

Brdr. Krüger: Theodor

In the Theodor dining chair by OEO Studio for Brdr. Krüger, Danish modern meets modern-day design. Classic woodturning techniques combine with high-tech manufacturing to create a bold and beautiful seat. Brdr. Krüger is a Danish family-owned company founded in 1886 by brothers Theodor and Ferdinand Krüger: hence the name of the Theodor dining chair. And Theodor’s sibling is the Ferdinand lounge chair, also designed by OEO Studio.

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Theodor dining chair. Photo © Decoist.
Theodor dining chair. Photo courtesy of Brdr. Krüger.
Theodor dining chair. Photo courtesy of Brdr. Krüger.

Fredericia: Spine, Pato, Søborg and Verve

Danish furniture manufacturer Fredericia has a number of fine dining chairs.

L to R: Spine, Pato, Søborg steel frame and Søborg wood frame chairs. Photo © Decoist.

The Spine dining chair was originally designed by Space Copenhagen for a high-end restaurant. Spine fuses Fredericia’s traditional craftsmanship with Space Copenhagen’s strong visual aesthetic. The chair’s distinctive ‘spine’ anchors the seat, and its overall form is both familiar and original.

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Spine chair – oak black lacquered and fabric. Photo courtesy of Fredericia.

Pato is a multifunctional chair, available with a myriad of bases and finishes. Created by Danish-Icelandic design duo Welling / Ludvik, the Pato chair, when combined with a solid wood base, is ideal for dining. The seat is crafted in eco-friendly polypropylene—available in plain and upholstered versions—lending the Pato chair a clean, organic form.

Pato upholstered with solid wood base. Photo courtesy of Fredericia.

Børge Mogensen presented the prototype for his functional wood frame Søborg chair in 1950. In 1952, Mogensen added a steel-framed version, reflecting the designer’s vision of international modernism. Similar to his work with wood, the legs of Mogensen’s steel frame Søborg chair are slightly tapered, thus imparting a pleasingly crafted aesthetic. Whether it is the steel frame version or wood version, the Søborg chair is the perfect dining companion.

Søborg chair steel frame – oak and black painted steel. Photo courtesy of Fredericia.
Søborg chair wood frame – fabric and black lacquered oak. Photo courtesy of Fredericia.

Fredericia’s Verve series was created by Geckeler Michels, a Berlin-based design duo. Available in sledge, swivel (with or without castors) and four leg versions, Verve is a cup-style chair designed with vigour and enthusiasm in mind. Its sledge and four leg models will make wonderful dining seats.

Verve series. Photo © Decoist.
Verve sledge. Photo courtesy of Fredericia.

Menu: Synnes

Norwegian designer Falke Svatun—a ‘graduate’ of Norm Architects and Søren Rose Studio—designed the modern Synnes dining chair for Danish brand Menu. Svatun’s chair is a wholly modern take on the classic Scandinavian dining chair, and references both spindle-back and laminate shell chairs. In Synnes, the thin curved wood backrest is inserted into the seat, providing comfort, stability and a most pleasing aesthetic.

Synnes dining chair ‘silk’. Photo © Decoist.
Synnes dining chair in natural oak. Photo courtesy of Menu.
Synnes dining chair in black painted ash. Photo courtesy of Menu.

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