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Val des Monts: Awesome Family Cottage in Gatineau Hills

A tranquil retreat set against an idyllic backdrop that brings you close to nature and its ever-changing sights and sounds; this is definitely the image of a beautiful family retreat that most of us dream about. Turning this dream into a beautiful reality for a modern Canadian family is the striking Val des Monts cottage nestled in the picturesque Gatineau hills. With a cantilevered structure that offers breathtaking views of the lake next to it and the surrounding forest landscape, the dreamy family cottage designed by Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. combines rustic scenery with warm modernism.

Beautiful family cottage stands on the edge of a cliff and offers lovely lake views

While the top level of the house seems to float in air ever so elegantly, the basement of the cottage is firmly anchored in the Canadian Shield, giving it plenty of stability that is key to the expansive upper level design. With a spacious den, bedroom, bathroom and utility space, the basement offers a private retreat for the family while connecting them to the forest landscape outside. It is the top floor that contains the living area, kitchen, dining space and two additional bedrooms along with a modest wooden deck.

Fabulous Canadian family cottage at Val-Des-Monts

Raw steel structure encases the stairwell and addsto the textural beuaty of the cottage

Raw steel elements coupled with soft wooden finishes give the exterior of the cottage a unique look

View of the lake and surrounding forest from the living area

First level glass windows bring in natural light

Kitchen at the lovely family cottage connected to the outdoors through glass doors and wooden deck

View of the forest landscape from the modern kitchen of the Canadian family cottage

The exterior of this cool cottage also paints a picture of textural beauty, as white cedar is combined with a dash of raw, exposed steel to shape a façade that would age beautifully as it wears on. On the inside, oak boards usher in warmth and elegance, even as polished modern finishes in the kitchen and dining room paint a picture of refinement. A smart ventilation system and elegant décor complete a cottage that is both exquisite and exciting! [Photography: Doublespace Photography]

Bathroom vanity in silver maple

Stairway leading to the basement level of the cottage

Connecting with nature at the Val Des Monts family cottage

Cantilevered structure of modern family cottage in Canada

Light adds inviting warmth and sparkle to the cottage in woods

Floor plan of the basement level of Val des Monts cottage

Top level floor plan of family cottage in Gatineau hills

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