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3 Rich Color Palettes for Your Fall Table

Whether you’re planning on hosting a special dinner with friends this autumn or you’re hosting the entire family for Thanksgiving, it can be a true joy to create a striking color palette for your fall table. Place settings, centerpieces and accents such as table runners can help evoke a look and feel that will beautifully complement the meal. From lush and bountiful to neutral and modern, the color combinations below can be used to channel the vibe of your choice. Let these stunning photos inspire you as you prepare to entertain in the coming months…

Fall tablescape by Crate & Barrel

Dark and Dramatic

Today’s first featured palette is perfect for Halloween, but it can create a decadent holiday look as well. Layering dark hues such as grey and black lets the colors of the food and flowers truly pop. Try pairing a grey tablecloth with black flatware and burgundy florals. Serve edibles (such as pomegranates and plums) in shades of violet. Create elegant displays of candles and greenery.

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To accent this palette, bring in a hint of brass, and don’t shy away from deep wooden tones for serving pieces, chairs and bowls. White marble can add contrast to the darker hues, as well as a sense of elegance. So serve up a delicious cheese plate on a marble board, and don’t forget the figs! More is more when it comes to this palette…

Decadent holiday dinner from Eyeswoon
Beetroot Ice Cream from Kraut|Kopf
Modern decor from Apparatus
Halloween dinner party by Camille Styles
Berry tart with basil by Kraut|Kopf
Panna cotta with citrus by Eyeswoon

Richly Neutral

Neutral tones take center stage in our second featured palette, but these neutrals are anything but dull. Just as layering black and grey can create a rich, dark look, layering neutrals such as grey and beige can add depth to your table. Don’t hesitate to pile on the greenery and produce for a bountiful feel. Start by choosing a tablecloth that will create an intriguing backdrop. Will the neutral tone be deep grey, or a lighter shade such as taupe or stone?

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Did you ever notice that citrus fruit comes to life against a background of deep grey? Or that warm-toned edibles such as cheese and lemons look divine against light, icy grey, especially when brass flatware is involved?! Once again, wooden serving pieces will complement the look. Whether you take a feminine and floral approach or you keep it simple with bright white dishware and clean lines, revel in the beauty of neutrals this fall:

Stunning neutral-toned table from Eyeswoon
A rich grey backdrop highlights modern products by ferm LIVING
Grey-on-grey stoneware vignette from ferm LIVING
Stoneware and wooden cutting boards from ferm LIVING
Light neutral palette from ferm LIVING
Grey is the backdrop to white dinnerware from Crate & Barrel
Thanksgiving table by Nicolette Camille for Camille Styles

Saturated with Color

If you love color, you’ll be excited about the interesting hues on display this season. Scandinavian style has greatly influenced this fall’s top color choices, so bring on the peach, wine, teal, dusty blue and eggplant. Your tablecloth provides a wonderful opportunity for telling a rich color story. Burgundy and teal will make a strong, autumn-perfect statement. Layer on napkins in the colors of your choice, and don’t hesitate to combine dark and light tones.

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Dinnerware in grey and black will add a deep, rich element to your fall table, while flowers and greenery provide yet another opportunity to layer on the color. Don’t be afraid of a saturated look. Fall holidays are all about celebrating nature’s bounty, so take your cues from the vibrant leaves outside. Plus, this season’s top hues are more understated than radiant, so use them freely without the worry of overwhelming your table.

Fall table style from ferm LIVING
Table setting by Broste Copenhagen
Wine tablecloth from Crate & Barrel
Seasonal style from Broste Copenhagen
Wine-hued table from ferm LIVING

Are you busy planning your next fall gathering? We wish you a lovely autumn, filled with delicious meals and quality time with the people you care about.

Kate Simmons

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