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Best Fall Bathrooms Trends with a Difference: Relaxing and Refined

We understand that not everyone out there is prepared to make big changes with each changing season in their home. Seasonal trends that we embrace are often the little things that we can indeed alter without spending a whole lot of time, energy and resources on them. Admittedly, there are many design aficionados out there who are willing to take this task on twice a year and the first months of fall and spring is often the time for this. A shift from summer to autumn is a time when we move away from warmer weather and brighter days to cold in the air and longer, darker nights. Whether you fall in the former or the latter category of decorating buffs, now is indeed the time to make those subtle changes.

Relaxing and cozy bathroom that feels just perfect for the colder months ahead [From: Miller-Roodell Architects]

Today, we turn our attention to the best and most popular trends that are shaping bathrooms as we head into fall and winter of 2021. Many of these trends promise to be relevant through 2022 as well, making them a great choice for those considering a smart bathroom makeover or planning for an entirely new bathroom. This is not just about switching accent colors from green and red to orange and yellow. This is about functional and aesthetic changes at a much deeper level; those that leave a lasting impact.

Eye-Catching Back-Lit Mirrors

This is one trend that you just should not miss as fall rolls on and gorgeous back-lit mirrors should be a relevant addition to the bathroom even through 2022. It makes plenty of sense to add delightful LED strip lights to the mirrors and turn them into the focal point of the bathroom. Back-lit mirrors instantly draw your attention and usher in a sophisticated ‘cool factor’ that very few other bathroom fixtures bring. This is also a makeover that is cost-effective, easy to incorporate (compared to changing tiles or style) and is appropriate as you had into the darker months of the year. Let there be light indeed!

Gorgeous modern Scandinavian bathroom with accent wooden wall and lovely back-lit mirrors [From: Change Your Bathroom]
LED back-lit mirrors add a touch of class to the bathroom without trying too hard [From: Camelot Custom Homes]
Luxurious bathroom with back-lit onyx countertops and mirrors

Find Your Favorite Pattern

We already shared with you the many trending patterns in modern bathrooms this year and how pattern is making a grand comeback in homes over the last few years. Move away from the bland, monotonous bathroom and use tile, wallpaper or even a wall art piece to add a bit of pattern to the space. Everything from hexagonal tiles to chevron pattern and nature-inspired wallpapers are welcome in here.

Beautiful floor tiles bring pattern to this posh contemporary bathroom [From: J Wiley Designs]
Do not shy away from using bold, nature-inspired pattern this fall [From: J. Hensley Services]
Bathroom filled with pattern is a hot trend this season

Add a Bit of Wood

Another bathroom trend that is barely surprising considering how popular the wood and white look has been in homes over the last two years, woodsy finishes are a must-have in bathroom of any style. In rustic, farmhouse, traditional and industrial bathrooms, it is all too easy to incorporate wooden elements. But in modern, contemporary, minimal and Scandinavian bathrooms, use the floating vanity in wood for the effect. Reclaimed wood accent walls, wooden floors and ceilings… take your pick and get started.

Lovely wooden floor in the bathroom makes an instant difference to its ambiance
Wood and white is a trendy color scheme in the modern bathroom with Scandinavian touches [From: Banner Day Interiors]

Revel in Marble

This one is all about luxury and a touch of marble easily elevates the style quotient of any bathroom it adorns. The easiest place to get started in obviously the vanity countertop and this is also arguably the most budget-friendly option. White marble is generally the preferred stone because of the spa-inspired look, but do consider black; a stone that adds sophistication and an air of majesty to the space. Marble floors and backdrops look even more splendid, but require considerable resources and continuous care.

Marble floors easily steal the spotlight in this contemporary LA bathroom
Vivacious bathroom with wallpapered backdrop, wooden floor and marble countertops [From: Unique Homestays]
Just a hint of marble can make big difference in the modern bathroom [From: Art & Stone Group]

Rustic Bathroom Elements

Connecting back to nature and to one’s roots is a big trend across the world at the moment; and we are not talking just about the interior design and architecture. Why not embrace this wave by adding more rustic elements to the bathroom! It is easy, fun and most often, you are not going to spend a fortune doing so. Old cabinets repainted and turned into medicine cabinet, reclaimed wood vanities, sconce lights with rustic touches and vintage bathtub designs that are just timeless… Rustic-inspired elements are bound to shape bathrooms in coming months and years.

Vanity and the wooden frames add rustic beauty to this modern bathroom
Tiny attic bathroom embraces the modern rustic style gleefully [From: bespace studio]

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