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Eye-Catching Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Make a Statement

The function of a backsplash isn’t limited to protecting your wall from food stains. Instead, designers see this feature as a distinctive way to add a visual touch and character to the kitchen. If your cabinetry is plain and simple, we highly recommend you play with the tile pattern and color to make a statement. In this post, we share our carefully selected and eye-catching kitchen backsplash ideas to help you pick the right fit for your preferences. 

Bold combination

If you can’t make a decision between a glossy subway tile or a 3D cube pattern, try mixing and matching. The simple white tiles will complement the bold cube pattern, creating a playful backsplash that makes a striking statement. 

Unique backsplash design combining two types of tile (from Mercury Mosaics)

Triangular tiles in neutral colors

If your desired mood is warm and trendy, then triangular tiles could be the ideal choice. The combination of neutral colors and an intriguing pattern will complement your wooden cabinetry. 

Triangular tiles in warm colors (from Mercury Mosaics)
Triangular tiles in warm colors (from Mercury Mosaics)

Lively cube tile pattern

This 3D cube pattern is trendy, making it into modern kitchen designs as a bold statement. Try playing with colors and introducing a contrasting combination for the ultimate visual touch.

Fresh colors and geometric shapes (from Mercury Mosaics)

Bold hexagon tiles

This hexagon tile in a gorgeous deep green tone brings an elegant touch to your kitchen. The white grout perfectly highlights the tiles’ intriguing shape, creating a bold backsplash with attractive edging. Complement this look with open shelving to let the striking pattern stand out. 

Hexagon tiles in a rich turquoise color (from Wit and Delight)
Hexagon tile in a rich jewel tone (from Mercury Mosaics)

Detail-rich Moroccan tiles

These Moroccan tiles come with bright colors and intricate details to make a fabulous statement in the kitchen. The vibrant pattern adds an extra dimension, revitalizing minimalist kitchens that could be boring otherwise. 

Charming Moroccan tile (from Granada Tile)
Mix-and-match Moroccan tiles (from Houzz)

Curated green tones

A variety of muted tones will make a subtle statement without overpowering the other elements. This combination of white, sage, and pistachio tiles brings a touch of playfulness to a rustic kitchen. 

Combination of muted green tones (from Walls and Floors)

Moody black backsplash

Black tiles can make an outstanding contrast in an all-white kitchen. If a black backsplash appears too monotonous for your taste, then why not play with textures? A combination of matte and shiny tiles will add a subtle visual touch while still staying moody and dramatic.

Elegant black backsplash (from Unsplash)

Exposed bricks

A beautiful rough texture and durability make bricks the ultimate choice for a kitchen backsplash. This feature will bring distinctive texture to the space, whether you’re after the industrial vibe or rustic appeal. To guarantee durability and easy cleaning, make sure to seal the bricks with a special coating for this purpose. A faux brick backsplash is an ideal alternative if you prefer a cost-efficient and easy project. 

Exposed brick backsplash for rustic appeal (from HGTV & Charbonneau Interiors)

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