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Imaginative Coastal Lodge in Tasmania Brings sustainability to Serene Lifestyle

The East Coast of Tasmania is home to many natural wonders with its amazing coastline attracting tourists from all across the planet. It is here that you will find the innovative and eco-friendly Freycinet Lodge. A fabulous retreat that already had 60 cabins to greet guests, the latest set of additions designed by Liminal Architecture help bring guests closer to the shoreline and the natural magic of this unique destination. The Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge combine the charm of vernacular design with woodsy charm and a sense of openness that is unlike anything else. Each of the pavilions offers an inimitable holiday experience filled with relaxation and solitude.

Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge off the coast of Tasmania

It is the Freycinet National Park and its natural beauty that make the biggest statement here as Tasmanian oak and other natural timbers that have been locally sourced shape the pavilions. One sees an overload of wood both on the inside and outside with hammocks and similar serene outdoor spaces completing the holiday experience here. Structural plywood and other cost-effective additions ensure that the project has been complete of a tight budget while making sure that environmental damage is minimized. [Photography: Dianna Snape, Alastair Bett]

Tasmanian oak, blackwood and other locally sourced woods shape the lovely pavilions
Ultra-modern retreat design is coupled with warmth of wood
Fabulous use of locally sourced wood inside the stylish pavilions
Relaxing hammock style features become a part of the escape
Fabulous relaxation and reading nook at the lodge

An experiential highlight is the netted, hammock-like balustrades. Recognizing the desire to retain views that a standard balustrade would interrupt, the unique solution was devised providing a novel opportunity for relaxing and enjoying the incredible setting. Liminal’s investment in community and place generating design ensures the Coastal Pavilions are an immersive, sustainable, site-specific experience for guests

Smart design of the pavilions combines privacy with amazing ocean views
Stunning view of the coastline from the lovely retreat
Bedrooms at the retreat connected with the outdoors
Bedrooms at the retreat connected with the outdoors
Look inside the imaginative and eco-friendly coastal pavilions
Rugged coastline beautifully hides the lodges
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