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Polished Blend of Industrial and Vintage Elements: Penthouse in Ghent

Think of an eclectic setting, and many of us tend to conjure images of ‘chaos’ as different styles come together to create an explosion of color and pattern. But this is a largely misinterpreted view of the style that basically allows you to express yourself freely without being rigidly bound by decorating conventions. This fabulous and fashionable penthouse in Ghent, Belgium is a more appropriate representative of the modern eclectic style that brings together various styles in a refined and refreshing fashion without leading to clutter. Located on the top level of a three-story building, this fabulous home was previously a vacant office space that was revamped and transformed dramatically by DIFT.

Bird cage-styled hanging chair steals the show in the living room

Dubbed Watt, the interior of this spacious, four-bedroom penthouse embraces a neutral backdrop that is completely clad in white, with the colorful and exquisite collection of décor and accessories providing all the color and contrast. Large windows, a remnant of the industrial heritage of the building, bring in a flood of natural light, giving the open living area, kitchen and dining space a cheerful and breezy appeal. While the living space has an air of urban, contemporary elegance, it is the kitchen that adds the distinct industrial flavor with its stainless steel sink, workstation and other metallic elements.

Industrial eclectic wall art display inside contemporary home in Ghent

Sofa and decor bring a hint of blue to the living room

Stylish living room of the Ghent apartment with modern indsutrial look and vintage elements

Wooden walls bring texture to the ligh-filled living space

Minimal indoor plant pots and industrial lighting inside the Ghent penthouse

Metal kitchen sink and workstation with an unassuming industrial style

Industrial lighting adds elegance to every nook in the house

Dark accent wall for the modern kitchen

Fun and casual way to showcase your china even while creating an organized kitchen and dining

Informal and simple dining space design

Large windows bring in ample natural light

Open wooden cabinets and the wooden cabin-style bedroom create further textural contrast without ever altering the more curated atmosphere of the penthouse. Each of the four bedrooms is given its own unique look with subtle changes in décor to ensure every space has a special, exclusive feel, even while seeming like an extension of the central living area. Custom chairs and cool industrial lighting fixtures complete the impressive makeover. [Photography: ROS]

Specially craftted wooden cabin creates a cozy and private bedroom

Large glass windows connect the bedroom with the open living space

Relaxing master bedroom design with minimal bedside pendant lights

Black and white striped rug draws your attention instantly

Quirky and vintage decorative pieces combine with contemporary decor

Unique, suspended animal figurines inside the Ghent apartment

Collection of white vases set against a black backdrop

Couple of indoor plants make a big difference to this spacious bedroom

Easy and elegant way to add pattern to the contemporary bedroom

Flowers bring freshness and visual softness to the bedroom

Gorgeous bedroom in white showcases a modern Scandinavian design approach

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