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Eclectic Sunrooms Combine Color and Creativity with Protected Goodness

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We still remember the long, cold winter months when we were longing for warmers days and a greener landscape. We waited eagerly, as we do every year, for the arrival of spring. The idea was simple – spend as much time outdoors as possible while taking in the warmth as we plan a picnic to the nearest park, beach or another lovely getaway. But that thinking came to an abrupt halt with the spread of a global pandemic that has seen many of us (if not all) spend all our time indoors. Spring has come and gone. Summer is here and yet we are still unable to step outside with freedom. The is why the idea of bringing the outdoors inside is even more appealing now!

Greenery along with bright rug brings uniqueness to this eclectic sunroom full of vivacious charm [From: Loloi Rugs]

Get the look:

While a lovely backyard or a beautiful balcony do feel comfortable, nothing beats the charm and elegance of a great sunroom. You are still sufficiently protected from dust, gusts of wind and pollutants inside the sunroom even as you enjoy the many sights and sounds outside. Then there is the added bonus of sipping on your cup of coffee or having those evening snacks while basking in sunlight. Today, we take the delight of the sunroom and turn up the volume with vibrant colors and unexpected decorating twists as we step into the world of eclectic sunrooms.

Décor for Eclectic Sunrooms

If you are someone who feels throwing oddly different pieces of furniture together without a reason or rhyme gives birth to eclectic style, then your decorating philosophy a complete overhaul! Even with the eclectic room, there needs to be a common element that links all the things together. This could be something as simple as a decorating theme, an idea that reminds you of specific geographic location or even a common set of colors that are repeated throughout the room. If you are planning to create a lovely, eclectic sunroom with loads of color, then keeping the backdrop as neural as possible is the safest bet.

Colorful sofa in blue along with striped chair adds eclectic beauty to the neutral backdrop in this sunroom [From: Rehkamp Larson Architects]
Eclectic mix of colorful decor for the small sunroom with white walls [From: The McMullin Design Group]
Ceiling in glass and blue frame give this eclectic sunroom a sense of uniqueness [From: Oakley Moore Interior Design]

Give it a Green Upgrade

Plants are the perfect way to add greenery to an interior and they look even better in the sunroom. The variety of plants that you can add to a sunroom is much greater than in the living space or the bedroom and this gives you a greater decorating opportunity. You can fill up the sunroom corners easily with these plants and they also give you a common element to link the diverse decorating pieces with different colors. If you love the ‘overloaded greenery’ look in the sunroom then you can blend a bit of tropical or Scandinavian flavor with eclectic style to find that perfect look.

Woven floor poufs can be painted any color that works in your space and double as a footrest [From: Kate Lester Interiors]
Combine soft indoor hanging planters with modern pendant lights to create a beautiful interior [From: withearth-kanagawa]
White and black rugs combined to create a fabulous sunroom with eclectic flair [From: Oliver Construction]

Create that Perfect Escape

Unable to go outside this season? We understand your pain and a sunroom is the perfect place for a lovely picnic that is just a few steps away from our living room. The eclectic sunroom allows you to combine chairs and seats of different styles and finishes with ease and even the more formal chairs can be combined with floor cushions with ease. Throw a fabulous rug in and you have an even more luxurious look in the eclectic sunroom. Combine these various pieces and create that dream sunroom!

Cotton rope boho hammock gives the colorful eclectic sunroom a more cheerful and relaxing vibe [From: Lindsay Goudreau]
Sunroom in white with decor in pastel hue combines modernity with eclectic charm [From: Joy Flanagan Design]
Fabulous sunroom in white with terra-cotta floor, fun decor and lantern style lighting [From: New England Design & Construction]

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