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Eclectic Living Rooms with Brick Walls: Chic Confluence of Color and Pattern

Eclectic living rooms are truly unique because each homeowner and designer can come up with their own template for the space. Some might want to create a confluence of styles while others might wish to piece together décor collected over decades or even eras. Finding a common theme and linking the vastly different aspects in these rooms is a challenge in itself. How you get this accomplished depends on individual space, furniture at hand and the colors that you wish to throw into the mix. Add the image of a beautiful brick wall to the backdrop and you have an even more enchanting setting.

Gorgeous modern eclectic living room with pops of pink, metallic accents and whitewashed brick wall in the backdrop [From: Crypton / Jeff Mindel]

That is where we find ourselves today as we take a look at some of the best eclectic living rooms with brick walls. It is a rare combination indeed as many of us are not really blessed with a home that features brick walls. Even in case of faux brick wall surfaces, combining the many elements of the eclectic interior with the textured backdrop requires skill and care. This is a look at some of the best living rooms from across the world that managed to pull this off in grand style –

Embrace the Whitewashed Brick Wall

In the world of brick walls, the current favorite is undoubtedly the one with a whitewashed sheen. It feels elegant and charming with all its imperfections and is apt for the eclectic living room with a hint of shabby-chic aura. The white backdrop in here ensures that the overload of color and pattern in the room does not feel ungainly. Yet, it still provides a textured and distinct backdrop that moves away from more polished finishes in modern homes. Be it an even layer of white paint or just a coat of whitewash, the white brick wall in the backdrop lets every other color and feature in the room to standout visually.

Fabulous pink sofa anchors this exquisite brick wall living room with eclectic style [From: Vintage Renewal]
Small eclectic living room with brick wall backdrop, skylights and a view into the world outside [From: John Hitch Seating]
Try out faux brick wall covering in the eclectic living room if you miss the original brick wall [From: Vick Vanlian Architecture and Design]
A hint of Moroccan flair for the eclectic room with whitewashed brick backdrop and wooden floor [From: Vintage Renewal]
Creating the right lighting for the modern eclectic living room [From: GLOBAL HOME]

A World of Beautiful Colors

We already talked about how the eclectic living room is a laboratory where you can try out multiple colors and pattern before settling on the final look. That bright rug in pink, chairs in dashing green large couch in red or wall art with a multitude of colors; the brick wall backdrop has the ability to bring all of these together ever so beautifully. The exposed brick wall also adds industrial or rustic touches to the living room and with the furniture embracing a more modern style; you can create balance between styles with ease.

Multi-colored rug for the brick wall eclectic style living room with comfy décor [From: Buchanan Photography]
Pops of pink in the eclectic living room with lovely brick wall and colorful wall art [From: The Cross Interior Design]
Using the large window to bring ample natural light into the eclectic living room [From: Amy Maynard Interiors / Richard Gadsby Photography]
Combining industrial and eclectic styles in the small living room with brick wall and concrete ceiling [From: Balodemas Architects / Hoachlander Davis Photography]
Eclectic living room of Amsterdam home uses accents in multiple hues with delightful ease [From: oh marie]

Spacious and Stylish Eclectic Living Rooms

The roomier an eclectic living room, the easier it is to combine drastically different elements in it. Space makes everything easier and a double-height living room ensures that the brick wall backdrop has a more prominent role. Large industrial-styled windows usher in natural light and this too enlivens the eclectic space. You can add bolder colors to the spacious living room and experiment with a multitude of bright hues without creating a cluttered look.

Large traditional windows bring ample light into the eclectic living room with classic decor and brick walls [From: Atlas Nashville]
Unique brick wall in the backdrop with green on both sides for the eclectic living room [From: logan killen interiors]
Double-height living room with white painted brick wall on one side and gallery wall [From: olya shangina]
Floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with brick wall backdrop next to it and brilliant string lighting [From: styled by oh beauty]

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