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Gabled Building in Steel and Wood Houses Four Space-Savvy Single Bedroom Apartments

Space is the biggest constraint in modern homes and it goes without saying that turning a limited area into a small complex of four single-bedroom apartments is a difficult job indeed. Hereford Flats created and brought to life by Young Architects accomplishes just that even as the exterior of the building borrows from classic features of a gabled roof to fit into the neighborhood. The four single bedroom apartments are spread across two different levels with the new building being stretched to the hilt to accommodate all the necessary areas. In fact, the two apartments on the upper level have a more ‘attic getaway’ appeal and offer lovely views of the neighborhood.

Dark steel and glass exterior of the modern building in Christchurch

Since the building was built on a lot with poor site conditions, the materials used were lightweight to ensure the impact is as minimal as possible. This also kept ground improvement costs down and with an exterior in steel and glass, the building feels both modern and innovative. Another upside to the use of a lightweight timber frame along with steel cladding is the low-maintenance that demanded over a prolonged period of time. Glass walls and windows bring in ample natural light with each apartment having access to its own balcony and outdoor area.

Wood and steel building in New Zealand holds four space-savvy apartment units
Cozy attic style living area with comfortable seating, wooden ceiling and a colorful rug
Different textures and finishes create contrast within the neutral interior
Doors add pops of color to the interior while create a lovely central area
Fabulous modern building in New Zealand with four small, single bedroom apartments
Interior of the apartments with a neutral color scheme and a floor plan that keeps things uncomplicated

On the inside, the color palette is simple and minimal with white and wood creating contrast even as one room flows into the next. A carport and parking area is neatly nestled between the apartment units on the lower level and this gives the street façade a more refined, contemporary appearance. [Photography: Lightforge]

Modest interior of the apartment on the upper level
Sheltered deck of the house with ample natural light provides a getaway for those on the upper level
Small and narrow kitchen in wood and white
Street facade of the building clad in steel and glass with carport in the middle
Floor plan of Hereford Flats designed by Young Architects

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