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Suspended Style: 32 Floating Staircase Ideas For The Contemporary Home

A staircase is an element of the house that is often an afterthought. But those times seem to be changing pretty fast as stunning stairways are quickly becoming a ‘must have’ for the complete modern home. A stunning spiral staircase or a gorgeous floating stairway add to the charm of stylish and seek interiors. Both home owners and designers are now incorporating cool and at times fascinating stairways that dazzle and amaze us with their innovative design.

Stunning floating staircase in white for the minimalist home

by Noorulain

Floating staircases are pretty much perfect for any contemporary home that wishes to sport striking interiors. They blend in beautifully both form and functionally as they lift the ‘style quotient’ of your entire house to a whole new level! Here are a few cool homes that proudly sport the floating staircase and hopefully they will inspire you to add one to your dream home as well.

Fabulous floating stairs suspended with style

by Tom Loder

LED-lit railing illuminates this floating stairway gorgeously

by Sam Crawford Architects

Modern living room with stylish floating staircase
Unique handrail design adds further charm to this floating stairway
Black floating staircase design against a white backdrop
Contemporary staircase design idea for those who love the levitating look

by William Roy Designer Kitchens

Extravagant curved floating glass staircase seems to have been inspired by the human DNA!

by Siller Stairs

Touch of Minimalism

The most important feature that the floating stairs carry along with them is the air of minimalism that they automatically bring to any space which they adorn. The architectural makeup of the floating stairs is such that they tend to naturally bring with them a certain sense of contemporary flair and uncomplicated form. This pretty much guarantees that your living room, lounge or any area that you choose as the place for the floating stairs sports a semi-minimalist look, at the very least.

Exquisite floating stairway in black a minimalist’s dream!
Cantilevered Oak treads make up this floating stairway to the book collection on the top floor

by Kimberly Peck Architect

Floating stairways in dark hues blend in with the decor of the home

by Habitaly

You can go a step further by turning the floating staircase design into open stairs. But the lack of a railing and seemingly levitating stairs are not a proposition ideal for everyone. If you are scared of heights or have children around, the best thing to do would be to add a glass handrail or something similar.

Cool floating stairs perfect for the modern home

by Hufft Projects

Elegant floating stairway perfect for a home filled with fabulous furnishings
Floating staircases are not just for indoor spaces!

by Bushman Dreyfus Architects

Fragile appearance of this floating staircase makes it a scare for the faint-hearted
Interesting art work and lovely floating stairs combine to give this home a chic look

by Winder Gibson Architects

Saving Up On Space

Not only do floating stairs help with the aesthetic elements of a setting, but they do bring plenty to the table in terms of ergonomics as well. A floating stairway is perfect for small spaces in more ways than one. Most of these stairs generally take up very little space when compared with staircases that are far more traditional in design. In addition to this floating stairs infuse a light and airy atmosphere that also makes interiors seem a lot more spacious visually.

Custom floating stairs decorated in a unique fashion!
Floating stairs fit in snugly in the little space on offer here

by Jim Burton Architects

Beautiful floating stairway is both compact and classy

by Begrand Fast Design

Many floating stairways also allow you to use the space underneath them in creative new ways. It could vary from something as basic as a bookshelf or storage space to areas that could be turned into extravagant home office settings. How you use the new found room depends on your resourcefulness!

Use the space available beneath the floating staircase in more ways than one

by Webber + Studio

Extensive use of glass in the backdrop provides the ideal setting for this floating stairway
Minimalist floating staircase without a guardrail for those who dare!

by Hufft Projects

Simple metal railing complements the floating stairway perfectly

by Roth Sheppard Architects

Sleek and stylish floating stairs connect the home with the backyard

by Griffin Enright Architects

A Dash of Color and Curved Delights

Since Spiral stairs seem to be as popular as floating staircases, there is no reason why you cannot put both the ideas together. A floating spiral staircase in indeed a sight to behold and yet it is not something that s for the faint of heart! There are other ways though in which you can ensure that your floating stairs stand apart from the pack. A touch of color can always be infused using vivacious stairways.

Colorful floating stairs for a vivid look

by Praktyczne i Piękne

Spiral floating staircase stands out from the crowd
Glass stairs and railing disappear into the backdrop

by Elite Metalcraft

Unique lighting and creative décor around the stairs can also turn the installation into a glowing work of art. Floating stairs certainly elevate your home’s appearance while adding a semblance of sophistication and refinement.

Stylish steel treads make up this floating stairs that could leave many breathless!

by Lawrence Architecture

Floating stairs in stone for the patio

by Presidio Tile

Astonishing spiral staircase with floating steps and a glass column at its heart
Smart floating stairway design maximizes space on offer
Wooden floating stairs work well within most modern homes

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