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Bring Out the Inner Kid: Easy Santa Christmas Crafts for a Jolly Good Time!

Each day we take another step towards getting our home ready for Christmas. Sometimes it is about the lighting and on other occasions it is a quest to find the right, alternative Christmas tree. Once that is sorted you are looking for the perfect garland and the wreath to decorate your living space and entry. But amidst all that rush, you might have just forgotten to have some fun. The Holidays can be a stressful time and we at Decoist want to help you out by finding ways in which you can beat the strain and anxiety. And you can do that while still decorating your home – just think about the fun DIY Santa Crafts.

Fun and easy Clothespin Santa Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas crafts with Santa motif are often super-easy to craft and take almost no time. In fact, many of the ideas you see here today can be easily mastered by kids and that should also make your life a touch easier as you rush towards the Holidays. As the larger-than-life image of Santa Claus is a central part of the festive narrative, a few DIY Santa ornaments should more than come in handy as you plan for a picture-perfect Christmas celebration. Delve in and discover them all –

Easy DIY Santa-Themed Ornaments

Want to craft a few ornaments for the Christmas tree and wish to do so real fast. Not all of us have endless hours to decorate the Christmas tree and these easy DIY Santa crafts do come in might handy. You can start off with the Popsicle Stick Santa which demands nothing more than 8 Popsicle sticks for each ornament, Santa Claus face printable and white pom poms. The Santa Star Christmas tree ornament is another delight that should take no more than 15 minutes to create while the slim Clothespin Christmas Ornament is both unique and cheerful.

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Popsicle Stick Santa Christmas Craft DIY
Simple and easy Santa Ornament for Christmas tree
Taking a closer look at the Clothespin Christmas Ornament
Decorate the Christmas tree with popsicle stick Santa

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Santa Kids Crafts for Christmas

We did talk earlier about getting the kids involved with Christmas decorating and the playful and uber-easy Santa crafts below are the perfect way to do so. Start with something as simple and basic as the paper plate DIY Santa – a project that even the smallest member of your family can be a part of! The Popsicle Stick Santa is another delightful little creation that needs nothing beyond glue, cotton, a few Popsicle sticks and a piece of paper in red. Make and takes tell you how to craft Mini Santa Hats that usher in party goodness A Girl & a Glue Gun bring home the magic of a fluffy, foam Santa. Its all easy-peasy out here!

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Paper Plate Santa Claus DIY
Popsicle Sticks Santa Claus Idea
Homemade Mini Santa Hats
Easy DIY Santa Decoration made from foam

Get Creative with Quirky Additions

What better way to start your Christmas morning than with a tasty treat that also brings the Santa and Snowman motifs to the breakfast table! That is precisely what the Santa Claus and Snowman pancakes offer, as you get ready to have a great day full of festive surprises. Another awesome and innovative idea is the classic Coke Bottle Santa – a creation that is bound to steal the show at your big Christmas party. Finally, for those desperate to decorate their porch, garden or even entryway with some Santa sizzle, there are the dashing ‘Santa Logs’. These might not be as easy to make as some of the other Christmas decorations showcased today, but they definitely make a big splash.

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Coke bottle Santa DIY
DIY Santa Logs to decorate the outdoors with Christmassy charm
Turn the log into a simple and elegant Christmas decoration
Bring Santa on to the dinner table with a delicious treat

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