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4 Clever Tips for Designing a Shared Bedroom for Your Kids

Things can get challenging when siblings share a bedroom. A shared space with no boundaries can cause a lot of arguments. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If your home isn’t big enough for each of your kids to have a room of their own, there are a few design tricks you can use to make sharing the space much more pleasant for everyone. This post shares some helpful tips for designing a bedroom that your kids will love to share.


Gender-neutral color palette

Kids’ tastes can vary dramatically. Therefore, a gender-neutral color palette is ideal – they won’t argue whether the room is too pink or too blue. Instead, they’ll have an aesthetically pleasing bedroom that will fit their taste even after a few years. The neutral color scheme in this bedroom is soothing and relaxing, but they managed to customize it with toys and wall art.

Photo Credits: Arin Solange
Photo Credits: Mustard Seed Beginning

The state park theme in this bedroom is refined and modern for a child’s room. The color palette of greens and browns is an excellent example of a gender-neutral choice. This will remain appealing even as your kids grow.

Photo Credits: Nesting With Grace

Create separate sleeping areas

Placing the beds in different areas rather than side-by-side will help divide the room, leaving each sibling with their own private space. Implementing this doesn’t have to be too complicated. With the right furniture and even a curtain or other physical divider, your kids will each feel right at home. 

A mixed bunk is a creative way to provide personal space for both kids. This gorgeous kids’ room features a bunk bed over a larger bed. If you have an attic, replicating this design would be even easier.

Photo Credits: Houzz
Photo Credits: Houzz
Photo Credits: Houzz

Another excellent way to add privacy is to introduce curtains. When pulled together, these curtains provide a completely private space for each kid.

Photo Credits: Houzz

Shared storage

Dedicated storage is essential when designing a shared kids’ bedroom. Setting clear borders between each child’s personal belongings will likely save them from arguments later on. The double drawer provides storage space for both kids while fitting right in with the room’s aesthetic.

Photo Credits: The Blush Home

Personalization with names

Adding the kids’ names is a fun and easy way to set up their personal space. For this, you can add custom pillows embroidered with their names. Or, try some cute wall prints. You can also customize each bed with their favorite toys. 

Photo Credits: Nesting With Grace

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