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The Top Trends in Decorative Mirrors

A mirror provides much more than function. It’s a chance to make a style statement in your home. Decorative mirrors have the power to punctuate a space, tie everything together or serve as a true focal point. Gone are the days when a sheet of mirrored glass was the standard for bathroom mirrors. Increasingly popular materials such as acacia wood can give the most utilitarian of mirrors an unforgettable frame. Even a functional piece like a full-length mirror has the potential to stand out, especially when leaning against the wall. Keep reading as we explore the top trends in decorative mirrors, from geometric forms to whimsical motifs… [wall mirror selections from CB2]

Wonderful Wood

It’s no wonder that wood is making a name for itself in the realm of mirrors. After all, earthy statements go hand in hand with modern design styles such as cozy minimalism. Wood and wood-like materials channel the natural world, bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. Their look can range from rustic to contemporary, and the design possibilities are endless. Below we see CB2’s Acacia Wood Wall Mirror, with a diameter of 2 feet:

Rubberwood is the material of choice for Urban Outfitters’ Huxley Mirror. Full-length style is elevated with a bold frame that provides a place to hang necessities you’ll want to grab as you head out:

Rattan is back, and it’s never been more beautiful. The angles and curves of this popular material can instantly channel a retro look, but the piece below is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Inspired by Art Deco curvature, Anthropologie’s Sculpted Rattan Mirror has the power to be the focal point of any room it inhabits.

Retro style reigns in Urban Outfitters’ Ria Rattan Mirror Wall Shelf. Intersecting angular lines create plenty of pattern and texture, while a handy built-in shelf gives you space to display plants, grooming products and objets d’art. More on mirrors with a dual purpose later in the post…

With a frame that resembles a woven basket, Anthropologie’s Handwoven Aubrey Mirror is crafted from sweetgrass. Earthy, breezy and striking, the piece provides plenty of contrast, thanks to a juxtaposition of dark and light tones:

Geometric Style

If you read our recent article on bathroom mirrors, you know that geo style is a top design trend.  Whether you’re shopping for a bathroom mirror or a bedroom mirror, you’ve probably noticed the wide range of offerings in bold shapes such as circles and rectangles. Urban Outfitters’ Oversized Hub Mirror is a generous size, and it really pops, thank to the black rubber border:

Circles are one today’s most popular decorative mirror shapes, and Target has the selections to prove it! This Project 62 selection with a brassy trim is simple yet powerful:

If a regular border seems too boring for your space, try a little something unexpected! Industry West’s Grand Lubin Mirror features an oak “frame” that does anything but circle the glass. And that’s what makes it so memorable:

Rectangles never to out of style, but today’s brand of rectangular mirror is all about the rounded corners. There’s a softness to the curve that defies standard rectangular style, and this change of pace is a welcome one for today’s design lovers. Another Project 62 find from Target, the rectangular mirror in the next image is available in a black or brass finish.

We’ll leave you with one more Target find, this time in a hexagonal form. For geometry lovers who enjoy a clean, angular look, this metal mirror is bold yet serene:

More Than a Mirror

If you’re hanging a mirror on the wall, why not choose an option that provides more than one function? Rather than being all about reflection, the decorative mirrors below feature that extra special something, from shelving to built-in storage. CB2’s Emery Round Mirror with Metal Shelf includes a lovely marble ledge with a dash of warm-toned patterning:

Also from CB2, the Hugh Mirror with Marble Shelf keeps the shelving below the mirror, creating space for petite arrangements of greenery, artful objects and more. Note the arched form of this piece, another top trend in mirror design!

Full-length mirrors give you a head-to-toe reflection, but they can also provide a place to store accessories such as purses and shoulder bags. Anthropologie’s Hazel Rattan Floor Mirror adds a dose of wicker to the mix, as well as an attached basket that provides an addition function without detracting from the piece’s striking form:

Speaking of rattan mirrors with striking forms, Urban Outfitters’ Ramis Storage Mirror Multi-Hook gives you a place to hang purses, hats, keys, and other essential grab-and-go accessories:

Fun Motifs

We end today’s post with a reminder that decorative mirrors often reflect top design trends. Laura Gummerman’s Wooden Eye Mirror DIY (featured at A Beautiful Mess) makes amazing use of materials such as an oval mirror, wooden dowels and a gold ring. The result: an undeniably stylish statement. Let it inspire you to design your own mirror project based on a favorite motif!


If eye motifs make you smile, check out H&M’s Eye-Shaped Mirror, featuring a black metal frame. The mirrored glass is cleverly contained within the eyeball, creating a whimsical statement.

Last but not least, while not a brand new offering, this “sun with a face” mirror (by Justina Blakeney in collaboration with Selamat) is perfect for the modern boho chic home. For a similar look, check out the Ida Mirror.

We hope today’s post has given you plenty of inspiration as you browse decorative mirrors. After all, a mirror is much more than a place to reflect! Mirrors brighten your interior by enhancing the light in the room, and when stylishly framed, they can rival your wall art for attention-grabbing status. Whether your style is traditional, modern or boho, choosing the right mirror for your space can take design to new heights. It’s all about the frame and the form, and it’s fun to consider the options for both elements. Don’t hesitate to let your selection reflect your style, as well as showcase some of today’s top trends. Thanks for reading! 

Kate Simmons

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