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Inspired by Nature: Animal-Shaped Table Lamps with a Quirky Design Twist

Biomimicry is the art of finding inspiration in nature and imitating is design to find use in you daily life. Art of biomimicry might seem simple, but it is hard to copy the best features of evolution; let alone replicate them perfectly. Yet, when it comes to design and décor world, we are talking of ‘imitation’ that is far less daunting, a lot more visual than functional and something that is as quirky as it is imaginative. That is why we bring to you the fun and unique world of table lamps that are shaped like animals. Sure, you can find many individual, artisan products out there that do the same. But the collection on display today takes this to a whole new level!

Beautiful and minimal table lamp Luminose shaped like a dog

Animal-shaped lighting fixtures often come in the form of sconces or pendants and it is not every day that you find brilliant table lamps that are inspired by the animal kingdom. It is harder to get those that offer top-notch quality, fit in with a modern aesthetic and will serve you well for years to come. Yet, here we have five such beautiful and ingenious table lamps and we would happily bring home any one of these ourselves. Time for a little shopping spree!

Personalized Pet on your Table!

They say that a dog is man’s best friend and in case of the unique and exceptional Luminose, you have a friend that also brings with it just the perfect light! LUMINOSE is a dog lamp that can be custom-created to meet your specific needs and you can do so by picking the finish of the lamp, its color and the leash that it comes with. The form is artistic and modern and with a smart, wooden body, fabulous LED panel that saves power and a space-savvy design, this table lamp offers many de-lights!

Luminose in black with a red leash feels contemporary
Wooden table lamp with LED lighting that feels chic and snazzy
Leash and finish of the dog-shaped lamp can be customized to meet your specific taste
Luminose – Dog-shaped table lamp

Inspired by the Giraffe

Colorful, charming and whimsical, the Giffy Table Lamp designed by Markus Oder of Leanter is both fun and functional at the same time. This table lamp borrows from the form of the classic table lamp shade and combines it with a sculptural wooden body that easily reminds you of a giraffe. From blue and red to yellow and green, this table lamp is available in any color of your choice and is perfect for styles like modern, eclectic and tropical.

Colorful and whimsical table lamp shaped like a giraffe
Giraffe-shaped table lamp comes with different colored lamp shades that make it more exciting
Wood and red make a lovely combination with this quirky table lamp
A table lamp that is absolutely perfect for animal and nature lovers!

It’s a Bug’s Light

Ant, spider and a praying mantis – you would not be really happy with any of these bugs on your bedside table or even work desk. Yet, you will be more than delighted to welcome home these snazzy and exquisite Bug table lamps designed by Omer Inbar that borrow from the forms of these insects. With a low design, 25W bulb that provides right illumination and a touch of minimalism, this table lamp is great for industrial style settings.

Try out a pet insect that also illuminates your work desk!
Unassuming design of this modest table lamp ensures it fits in with various styles
Bug light collection brings love for nature and industrial style together
Imaginative and quirky table lamp inspired by the form of bugs!

Deep Sea Brightness

Vast oceans of the world hold many mysterious creatures that still amaze us with their form and the Coral LED lamps by QisDesign are inspired by coral life that is much more well-known and loved. These lighting fixtures are available in floor lamp, pendant and table lamp versions and there are multiple colors to choose from that feel just so electric!

Electric Coral LED lights inspired by life in the deep sea

Bright, Gold and Tall

The Harbaugh Table Lamp also embraces the form of tall and lanky giraffes but with a more sparkly and vibrant twist this time. Clad in gold, this table lamp has a little bulb between the neck and the head of the giraffe and you have small and stylish lighting fixture that offers just the right amount of light get things done. The resin table lamp is available for just $120 and it would make for a fine addition in any modern home office.

Harbaugh Table Lamps brings the shape of the giraffe with a golden finish
Mid-century modern side table coupled with the Harbaugh table lamp
Chic table lamp with golden finish in the form of a giraffe

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