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Decoist’s Favorite Rugs for Stylish Living Rooms

A functional and stylish living room will provide comfort for every member of the family. Adding decorative touches, such as rugs, will enhance a cozy mood while adding style.

Creating the perfect space that fits your needs isn’t always easy, however. If you need inspiration for designing your living room, we have you covered. We curated a list of our favorite living room rugs, so be sure to check them out!

Contemporary living room

If you are after a chic feel, a contemporary living room is the best match. A stylish sofa with tufted details is an excellent starting point. Brass accents will bring an elegant feel, while some fluffy throws add a dose of texture. Layer a neutral rug to anchor the setting and bring the elements together. Match the throw pillows with the rug by color or pattern for a cohesive look. 

Chic contemporary living room from Rugs.com
Eclectic mix of elements from Rugs.com
Modern living room from Rugs.com

Bohemian living room

A Boho living room feels cozy and relaxed while featuring a curated combination of textures and patterns. The seating area in this style of room usually doesn’t come in just one piece. Add beanbags, pillows, or ottomans to provide various seating options for a casual conversion area.

Add a patterned rug that will stand out and make a statement. Whether you love the Moroccan style or prefer vivid geometric patterns, you can always find the right fit for your taste.

Charming Boho living room from Rugs.com

The modern Bohemian look features leafy plants, making the room feel more natural. The plants are displayed in lovely woven pots and add a beautiful decorative element to the space. The bamboo daybed brings boho-chic vibes, creating a perfect harmony of aesthetics. 

Boho vibes and mix of patterns from Rugs.com

Traditional living room

A traditional living room appears cozy and inviting while featuring a neutral color scheme. Trends come and go, but this specific style is meant to last forever. Furnish with antique pieces that inject charm and layer a neutral rug on the floor to anchor the elements. 

Traditional and cozy living room from Rugs.com
Cozy and luxurious living room from Rugs.com

Modern living room

If you favor functionality and refined aesthetics, the modern style is a great choice. These examples feature a minimalist design with a carefully selected mix of natural textures for the ultimate visual touch. A jute area rug elevates the living room design and brings a cozy feel. Alternatively, you can go for a subtle cream pattern that brings a decorative touch without overwhelming the other elements. 

Cozy and aesthetic mix of elements from Rugs.com
Comfy and cozy living room from Rugs.com
Modern feel and matching patterns from Rugs.com

Coastal living room

The coastal style has a relaxed vibe and a beachy feel but still implements a clean aesthetic. Start with light colors and build up a neutral color scheme with blue accents. The perfect formula for designing a coastal living room consists of white walls, distressed finishes, modern furnishings, and woven textures. 

Modern design enhanced by flooring from Rugs.com
Coastal feel with a patterned area rug from Rugs.com

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Kristina is a home decor enthusiast that loves to share practical tips. With more than 5 years in the interior design content writing niche, she has lots to share. She is obsessed with Pinterest, looking for the most creative ideas for your inspiration. Hopefully, this will motivate you to create the home you always wanted.

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