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How to Use Statement Pieces Without Overwhelming Your Decor

What to do when you have your eye on a bold piece of furniture or decorative item but are unsure how to work it into your design scheme? Just because it stands out with color, shape, or style doesn’t mean you can’t make it fit in your room. Whether it’s an eclectic rug, vibrant chair, or oversized light fixture, you can find a way to make it a statement piece. Here, we reveal professional designer tips on how to implement statement pieces without overwhelming your decor. You’ll soon have a better understanding of how to achieve a tasteful look with a bold piece.

One statement piece at a time

It’s important to add just one bold piece of furniture or other decorative item at a time. Adding more than one outstanding piece to a room can be visually overstimulating. This trick is common among interior designers, as it keeps the other elements neutral to let the bold piece really stand out. 

When you enter the room, this piece should be the only thing grabbing your attention. More than one point of visual interest can make the space feel too busy and overwhelming. The only statement piece in this dining room is the oversized artwork, which sticks to the neutral color scheme but features an intriguing geometric pattern.

Photo Credits: Studio McGee

Borrow the color scheme

How to implement a gorgeous floral chair and make it seamlessly blend into your living room? The answer is to borrow from its color scheme and transfer it into the space. Distribute two or three colors from the pattern through decorative accents. The elegant chair with a floral pattern features bold jewel tones and is echoed in the exquisite wallpaper.

Photo Credits: Shelterness
Photo Credits: Jessica Brigham

Bold contrast

Highlight your statement piece with a contrasting object to let its beauty stand out. Think of pairing the old and the new, the antique and the modern. Let the geometric shapes oppose those flowy organic forms. A beautiful Moroccan rug adds character to this basic entryway, pairing simple with a maximalist vibe.

Photo Credits: Kelly Elko
Photo Credits: Crazy Wonderful

Neutral foundation

If you already have a room with a neutral color scheme, adding a statement piece is much easier. Suppose your living room is layered in off-whites and creams; this is the perfect base to play with color. An oversized art piece or a couch in a vibrant color could make the ideal addition. 

The bright rug in this room steals all the attention and remains the central point of interest. The other elements keep a neutral color scheme, acting as a blank canvas to let it stand out.

Photo Credits: Brownstoner
Photo Credits: Palm Springs Style

Opt for timeless pieces

If you want to make a daring statement, pick a timeless piece. Trends come and go, so pick an item that will remain on the design scene for the next 10 years or more. Your statement piece becomes the room’s primary inspiration, so you don’t want it to look outdated. 

This retro dresser with a geometric pattern won’t go out of style anytime soon. We love how they paired it with a charcoal wall, so its beauty can really stand out. Styled with objects that suit the decor theme, this antique piece is fully immersed in the room’s design.

Photo credits: Happy Interior Blog

Add meaningful items

The beauty of a piece of furniture isn’t solely in its color, shape, or style. Let its story bring a lived-in comfort into the space. That armchair you got from your grandma reminds you of your childhood, so it deserves to become a part of your everyday life.

Travel souvenirs can also inject a dose of personality into the space. Your old piano is the perfect statement piece for the living room, reflecting your interests and hobbies. Stick with items that bring you happiness and convey a meaningful story.

Photo Credits: Style Me Pretty

Build up around the statement piece

You want to create a balanced visual landscape when adding a statement piece. A bold item can look odd in a room. In such cases, you’ll want to build up your decor to immerse the piece in your chosen scheme. A sofa in a vibrant color might be an eyesore in a plain living room. But if you build up around it with a side table, throw pillows, and an area rug, the piece will look intentionally placed there. The supporting elements make it easier for the statement piece to fit in. 

If repainting your old wardrobe sounds like a fun DIY project to spruce up your home, consider a fresh color that will elevate the mood. This sage paint flatters the piece, making it the main focal point. The patterned wallpaper and woven baskets complement the gorgeous wardrobe.

Photo Credits: Studio McGee

Pay attention to scale

Matching the colors and style might be something you do intuitively to make the statement piece work, but don’t forget to mind scale. Combining too-large objects with small ones can disrupt the balance of your room.

And let’s not forget that it can change the room layout and disrupt the traffic flow, making everyday life more difficult. Mind the dimensions of your statement piece to ensure a proper fit.

Photo Credits: A House in the Hills
Photo Credits: Style Curator
Photo Credits: Spell Designs
Photo Credits: Burnett Bungalow
Photo Credits: Street Flea Style
Photo Credits: Jojotastic
Photo Credits: Kelly Elko

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