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20 Copper Backsplash Ideas That Add Glitter and Glam to Your Kitchen

Metallics are an undeniably hot trend in home design, and they’ve continued their stay in the ‘hot trends’ chart for a few seasons now. While brass and stainless steel definitely find more space in the modern kitchen, the warm allure of copper is not something to be ignored either. The last few years have seen a growing number of homeowners and designers embrace copper to revitalize a kitchen space and give it that inviting and glittering allure. From the classic kitchens that showcase styles such as farmhouse and rustic to contemporary delights that are sleek and stylish, copper finds a place in every kitchen.

Sleek contemporary kitchen with sparkling copper penny tile backsplash [Design: Finchstudio]

If those shiny copper pots and pans are just not enough to quell your thirst for copper in the kitchen, a dashing copper backsplash is a great way to add more of this cozy metal! Copper backsplashes do require some care, but they age beautifully and give your kitchen an even more charming appeal with time. Sometimes sensational and seemingly organic on other occasions, here are 20 kitchens that embrace the beauty of a chic copper backsplash.

Copper Backsplashes for Modern Kitchens

There are plenty of ways that you can craft a striking copper backsplash that gives your kitchen loads of individuality and a striking metallic glint. Copper penny tiles are definitely our favorite among them all, as they not only bring the goodness of copper along with them, but also provide geo style and a sense of uniqueness. Small hexagonal copper tiles also offer similar perks, while larger square and rectangular pieces offer a more conventional look. In the modern kitchen, you can pick from a range of copper finishes that vary from hammered tiles to salvaged copper sheets and those with a cool, oxidized finish.

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Modern industrial kitchen with a shiny copper backsplash [Design: Blakes London]
Copper penny tile backsplash brings glamour to the kitchen [Design: Superior Woodcraft / Threshold Interiors / Randl Bye]
Contemporary kitchen in stainless steel, wood and copper [Design: Robin Rigby Fisher]
Custom copper range and backsplash for modern kitchen [From: Tina Colebrook Architect / Michael McLaughlin Photography]
Transitional kitchen in white with a shiny copper backsplash [Design: Small Interiors Design]
Dashing kitchen backsplash brings golden hue to the kitchen [From: Rutt of Los Altos / Dean J. Birinyi Photography]

Copper Tile Backsplashes

Copper tiles definitely develop a patina with age, and if you are not really a big fan of this aspect, then you might as well stay away from copper backsplashes in the kitchen. It is this natural gaining that sets copper apart from brass and makes it such an inherent part of kitchens with styles such as rustic, traditional, farmhouse and Mediterranean. The copper-tiled backsplash can either be contained to the small wall behind the stove, or you can choose a full-fledged backsplash in metal that covers the entire wall behind the kitchen countertop.

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Hammered copper tile backsplash gives the kitchen a rustic visual appeal [Design: Native Trails – Country Classic Design Center / Photography by Heidi Long, Longviews Studio]
Copper tiled backsplash for the spacious, traditional kitchen [Design: Clarke Appliance Showrooms]
Shabby chic kitchen with space-savvy design and copper backsplash [From: Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist / Melanie G Photography]
Copper tiles create a cool backsplash in the traditional kitchen [Design: Welsh Construction]

Metallic Glint and Pattern

The copper backsplash in the kitchen is not just about textural contrast alone. Contemporary copper backsplashes can offer a lot more, as they usher in patterns that range from the simple and uncomplicated squares to ornate tiles that take you back to lavish Mediterranean kitchens. Since copper is so very malleable, it can be beaten into thin sheets that offer a wide range of shapes and motifs. From quilted copper sheets to those smart perforated copper plates that offer a quirky look inside an eclectic kitchen, the options are endless!

Farmhouse style kitchen with copper style backsplash [Design: Kitchen Creations]
Small modern kitchen with custom copper backsplash that also adds pattern [From: Regina Bilotta, Bilotta Kitchens / Artistic Tile]
Sparkling copper backsplash for modern kitchen with dining space [Design: Fisher Custom Homes]
Bespoke quilted copper kitchen backsplash is a showstopper! [Design: Amazing Spaces]
Custom copper backsplash for the classic kitchen [Design: Linda McDougald Design – Postcard from Paris Home]

Copper Sheet Backsplashes

You do not always need fancy copper tiles and large sheets with carefully crafted patterns to create a stunning copper backsplash in the kitchen. In fact, a simple and plain sheet of copper makes a big difference to the ambiance inside a contemporary kitchen and also plays into the overall theme. Copper sheets are easy to work with, and while you might want to check both with local building codes and your architect before you opt for one, the end result is well worth that extra bit of effort.

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Stunning Mediterranean kitchen with cool copper backsplash [Design: Officine Gullo USA]
Corner home bar in the kitchen with copper backsplash [From: Webber + Studio, Architects/ Paul Finkel Photography]
Copper backsplash idea for contemporary kitchen [Design: InHouse Design Studio]
Modern traditional kitchen with a shiny copper backsplash that complements the copper worktop of the island [Design: Kleppinger Design]

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