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Contrada: Time for a Modern Vintage Makeover from Arrital

They say that fashion and design flow in a circle, with hot trends being constantly revisited and styles revived periodically. That probably tells us a lot about how quickly most of us get bored with a certain trend. Maybe it also tells you the limiting factors on innovation. Irrespective of the way you wish to view this, it is undeniable that the last two years have seen a newfound love for all things retro, vintage and even Art Deco. Adapting to this global change in taste is Arrital Cucine with their new line of kitchen Contradaa dynamic and inviting blend between modern and vintage!

Gorgeous modern kitchen from Arrital with vintage touches

Even though Arrital loves to call Contrada a vintage kitchen, we do believe that this is more about a sprinkling of vintage touches in a modern space rather than a complete switch to classic elements and vintage finishes. It is the wide range of wooden cabinets and shelves available in varied finishes that truly gives this kitchen its trademark look. The woodsy warmth and inviting demeanor of the kitchen is enhanced by the use of simple, straight lines and a clean, contemporary form that allows it to sit next to your more modern living space with effortless ease.

Contrada kitchen - Vintage collection from Arrital

L-Shaped kitchen design from Arrital

Series of closed wooden cabinets and open shelves for the modern kitchen

Smart modern kitchen design with vintage touches

Wooden cabinets add classic charm to the Contrada kitchen

The distinct design of the metal handles and the gentle curves brought in by the open shelves enhance the classic appeal of Contrada. An ability to adapt to various kitchen floor plans and smart worktops and islands ensures that this refined and gorgeous kitchen serves you well for years to come.

Beautiful kitchen with stone worktop, wooden shelves and smart island

Closer look at the worktop and cabinets of Contrada

Arrital vintage kitchen with warm finishes and smart design

Contrada kitchen composition from Arrital

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