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Village from Arrital: Classic Design Meets Modern Functionality

We absolutely adore kitchens that bring forth a unique blend of styles while becoming a natural extension of your modern living space. The amazing array of modern kitchen designs presents us with a world of possibilities when it comes to picking the right kitchen. But as always, we find ourselves drooling over the elegance and the timeless appeal of the very best from Italy! The latest member to this amazing lineup is Village from Arrital. Crafted for those who still love the inviting warmth of a traditional kitchen design, this fabulous series is all about bringing a touch of old world charm with contemporary ergonomics.

Classic and modern design fetaures come together with Village

Unlike many other modern kitchens, Village brings in a variety of textures along with the elegance of wooden cabinets to create a truly captivating space. This fusion of traditional design elements with contemporary, state-of-the-art appliances and simple straight lines gives each composition an exceptional appeal. While the kitchen does look mesmerizing in Cherry and Ash decapé, you can pick from other beautiful colors like yellow, blue or lime green to truly enliven your home. Each of the compositions can be custom-crafted to suit the specific needs of your home, and the smart cabinets enhance the available space.

Light blue brings breezy elegance to the kitchen

Beautiful use of yellow in the traditional kitchen

Traditional kitchen in yellow and lime green

Wooden beams add to the appeal of the beautiful kitchen

Cool modern kitchen in Cherry and Decapé Ash

Kitchen island with an extended breakfast nook

Smart kitchen design for the trendy modern home

You can even use some of these elements to re-invent and transform your existing kitchen with ease. Specially crafted kitchen islands with extended breakfast counters and cabinet handles that bring a hint of metal to the space ensure that you well and truly have the kitchen of your dreams!

Brick walls bring in some rustic charm to the space

Oversized floor lamp in the kitchen corner

Spacious modern kitchen design with traditional shelves

Metallic handles bring a touch of glitter to the lovely kitchen

Sherry Nothingam
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