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Pavilion House Down Under Charms with Open Courtyard and Lovely Views

There were times when homeowners and builders simply bulldozed everything in the way in an effort to build the perfect home. But all that has changed dramatically in the last decade with eco-friendly home design and sustainable architecture finding new ways to craft homes that interact with the surroundings in a positive and planet-friendly manner. Nestled in a leafy neighborhood of Bulli, New South Wales, Australia, the Pavilion House fits this billing perfectly, as Alex Urena Design Studio conjured up and created a contemporary home that is draped in greenery.

Dark facade and brick walls give the home's facade a unique look

Nestled on a sloped lot and surrounded by lush green bush, the fabulous family home has a unique entry that weaves its way through the greenery and leads you to the rear of the residence. The natural slope of the site was utilized to the benefit of the Pavilion House, as the furthest point away from the canopy is completely surrounded by its green goodness. A stunning central courtyard and pool area become the main social zones of the second level of the house that also contains the living area, kitchen, dining room, pantry, terrace and a guest space. It is the first level beneath it that houses both the parents and kids’ bedrooms.

Privacy was an important consideration within the house itself, as tranquil nooks and cool work zones have been coupled with clever open spaces to achieve a balance between both worlds. Relaxing, tasteful and sensitive to the needs of the site, this is a beautiful Aussie home that focuses on harmony between natural landscape and modern lifestyle! [Photography: Alex Olguin]

Stylish central open courtyard with a pool and terrace

Gorgeous central courtyar offers a great view of the canopy around the house

Interior spaces open up into the courtyard and the bush outside

Stylish use of wooden slats combines privacy with textural beauty

Spacious living area completely opens up to the bush outside

Central living area of the house overlooking the canopy

Contemporary kitchen in black and white with a lovely window above the counter

As designers we have a very big responsibility in how we affect the landscape. Houses are going to be built and people are going to interact with its surroundings, but we have to design them in a way that the relation keeps its harmony regardless of the architectural presence of a building.

Master bedroom with bath at the Aussie home

Walk-in wardrobe and master bedroom of the Aussie home

Freestanding bathtub in white set against a dark backdrop

Penny tiles accent wall in the modern bathroom

Modern floating bathroom vanity

Pavilion House is split into several wings to give everyone the necessary privacy

Contemporary Pavilion House in New South Wales, Australia

First level floor plan of the Bulli home

Top level floor plan of the Aussie home

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