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Sanctuary: Little Mossarium Brings a Slice of Natural Haven Indoors!

The image of a carpet of lush, green moss, a thick canopy above and the spectacular flora and fauna is what one conjures up when imagining a dense and mystical rainforest. While you may not be able to bring this setting into your living room, office or kitchen, you can now at least bring a part of the magic with the fabulous Sanctuary designed by BOTANICA. This little mossarium is for those who either cannot keep up with the maintenance of a green wall, potted plants or an herb garden, or simply do not have adequate space.

Contemporary design of Sanctuary makes it perfect for every home and office

This sleek and contemporary addition can adorn your office desk, dining table, living room coffee table, nightstand or even kitchen island with ease and is uber-easy to maintain. Apart from adding greenery to your home or office, it encourages you to also explore your neighborhood just to find some moss. Finding moss is often pretty easy and requires very little effort.

If you love terrariums, then you will instantly fall in love with Sanctuary, which combines the charm of these glassy delights with the gorgeous green of moss. One thing that instantly stands out with the design of Sanctuary is its unassuming, minimal design that allows it to be part of any interior, regardless of style and theme. The teardrop design of a stalactite addition at the time acts as a natural hydration system, with the evaporated water cooling down and dropping back into the mossy base. Just fill up the reservoir once with water and you are set for a long time indeed!

Exquiste and elegant design of Sanctuary from BOTANICA

Add a touch of greenery to your dining table with the little mossarium from BOTANICA

Sanctuary mossarium on the office table

Stylish mossarium brings the charm of rainforest indoors

Finding the right moss for your lovely little mossarium

A simple twist to Sanctuary opens up the small window at its base cools the interior periodically, ensuring that there is no unnecessary fungus formation. With a domed insert that showcases your selected strand of moss elegantly, the fusion of form and function is complete. Currently a Kickstarter project, you can head over right now to book your own piece of tiny green paradise. Better hurry if you want your mossarium before the holidays arrive!

Easy-to-maintain contemporay design of the delightful little mossarium

A mini ecosystem that adds moss green to your home

Design of Sanctuary by Botanica Boutique

Natural process of evaporation and condensation provide water to the moss

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