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Serene Pagoda House Offers Panoramic City and Mountain Views

Bringing together two contrasting worlds and a window into both majestic mountains and the bustling cityscape, the relaxing Pagoda House on the outskirts of Sofia is truly exceptional. Nestled on a sloped site, the design of the home by I/O Architects ensures that most of its open outdoor space is hidden from the street view, even as the hidden second level beneath the ground level offers additional privacy. Much of the house has been designed to honor this delicate balance between smart views and sufficient privacy, as wood, glass and dark metal shape the residence’s inimitable exterior.

Street view of contemporary home on the outskirts of Sofia

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A patio next to the staircase that connects the two levels of the house charms you with a vintage car on display, while a small entrance leads to the main level on the ground floor. A series of courtyards, gardens and small walkways creates a refreshing outdoor space where a stunning pool and a shaded outdoor lounge become the focal point of all activity. A series of glass walls and windows connects the interior with the garden and the mountain views beyond, even as comfy modern décor and a neutral color scheme create an air of stylish comfort and timeless class.

Entrance of Pagoda House with street and mountain views

Dark exterior of the Pagoda House in Sofia, Bulgaria

Relaxing outdoor lounge and garden of the serene Pagoda House

Series of glass walls and doors connect the lower level with the sloped garden outside

Sloped site and green garden of the stylish modern home in Sofia

Comfy modern decor grace the living space of the home in Sofia

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Contemporary kitchen in black and wood along with smart dining

Open living area and kitchen of the Pagoda House

Kitchen and dining area of the stylish home in Sofia

It is the second level (cleverly hidden into the slope of the lot) that holds the master bedroom, kids’ bedrooms and guest bedrooms, even as one finds a seamless connection between both floors of the Pagoda House. A smart home that is both practical in design and fascinating in its form! [Photography: Assen Emilov]

Home library of the modern home with bookshelf in gray

Displayed vintage car becomes a part of the interior

Vintage car displayed in the patio leading to the stairs

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Wood and glass exterior of the Pagoda House

Twin level contemporary home with city view in Sofia

A look at the sleek and stylish swimming pool of the Pagoda House

Floor plan of lower level of Pagoda House i Bulgaria

Second level floor plan with bedrooms

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