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House Daasdonklaan: Traditional Dutch Design Meets Modern Artistry

A beautiful, modern home set in a quiet little neighborhood of the Dutch town of Roosendaal, House Daasdonklaan is all about finding new expression for local design and architecture. The expansive contemporary residence designed by Zone Zuid Architecten combines the timeless effect of the gale roof with sleek, minimal aesthetics and a neutral color palette to create an exquisite interior. With a smart indoor-outdoor interplay as the major factor in defining the house and its silhouette, one sees the raised terrace become a part of the living space indoors.

Modern Dutch home with gable rood and ample living space

The connection between the outdoors and the living space goes beyond being merely visual, as the transition between both spaces is simply seamless. Glass windows and doors, along with the central glass wedge and the bay windows, bring in a flood of natural light to fashion a cheerful and refreshing ambiance. Shades of gray, white and black dominate the open plan living space, kitchen and dining room on the lower level of the house. The top floor contains four bedrooms, bathrooms, two game rooms and additional spaces.

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Bay windows give the facade a unique look

House Daasdonklaan by zone zuid architecten

Modern and traditional dutch design combined efficiently

Pool and outdoor living area of the Dutch home

Smart design of protruding bay windows makes the house distinct

Bay windows and seat become a major part of the home's visual

Minimal living area with gray couch and entertainment unit

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Gorgeous use of dark, framed windows connects the home with the outdoors

Contemporary Dutch home with smart design and spacious interior

Stacked firewood becomes a feature of the living room

Wood, steel, concrete and glass shape both the exterior and the interior of the house, with the bay windows making a big difference to its overall form. With concrete and custom wooden shelves also making a big impact in the kitchen, there is plenty of contrast to be found all around – both in terms of style and texture!

Open and spacious contemporary interior of House Dassdonklaan

View of the living space and extended outdoor living area from the kitchen

Contemporary kitchen with concrete kitchen island

Dark wall of cabinets and appliances in the kitchen

Floating concrete kitchen island and innovative wine storage space

Glass wedge at the heart of the house splits it into two and brings in light

Gorgeously framed views from the bay windows

Floor plan of first level of house in Roosendaal

Floor plan of second level of House Daasdonklaan

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