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Saving Space in Modern Style: Opulent Contemporary Attic Bathrooms

Have you ever seen all the space that is often wasted both in the basement and in the attic in your own home? For most homeowners across the world, both the attic and the basement are places to just tuck away things that are regularly not in use. Some only venture into these spaces just before the Holiday Season to pull out those string lights and Christmas decorations in boxes. But there are a few among us who have managed to turn even the smallest of attics or one that has been poorly planned into a fabulous attic bathroom that complements the bedroom next to it perfectly. Today, we delve into the world of contemporary attic bathrooms and take a look at the very best around!

Beautiful converted loft bathroom in London uses a white and wood color scheme [From: Architect Your Home]

If you want to turn the old attic into a lovely master suite or even just a bathroom that complements the guest bedroom or additional bedroom below, then you would have to first go through the process of checking it structurally. Adding the right piping and ventilation along with safety precautions is equally a must before you plan for the bathroom itself. With the safety and structural constraints out of the way, you can dig into the aesthetic and functional elements by drawing from the beautiful inspirations below –

Part of the Master Suite

In case of many attic bathrooms, it is not just the bathroom alone that occupies the space, but you also have a guest bedroom, master bedroom or even just a smaller additional bedroom next to it. This means the style of the bathroom and the colors employed inside must be drawn from the larger bedroom next to it. When it comes to the luxurious master suite, traditional lines between the two are blurred and you will see even a standalone bathtub in the bedroom corner with only the shower zone featuring glass partitions. Choose you look carefully before you get started!

Gorgeous bathroom of the loft level master suite with vintage copper tub and custom finishes
Modern master suite in the attic brings home spa-styled luxury
Bathroom in the corner becomes a part of the overall bedroom narrative

Spa-Inspired Color Scheme

The spa-inspired look is one that has been popular for a while now in modern bathrooms and in the attic bathroom, this color palette works even better. Most attics are cramped with little space and you have to turn to a neutral color scheme to create additional visual space in here. White is a great and natural choice with warmth of wood thrown into the mix as well. Wood and white, gray and white and light blue and white are the perennially popular color duos in here and allow you to keep things simple and contemporary.

Sophisticated contemporary bathroom in gray and white inside modern London home [From: CUBIC Studios Limited]
Turn the attic bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing space that leaves you rejuvenated [From: James Hargreaves Bathrooms]
Awesome contemporary attic bathroom that is entirely draped in wood [From: Mell Lawrence Architects]
Monochromatic all-white bathroom in the attic with white all around! [From: Dyer Grimes Architecture / Jack Hobhouse Photography]

Bright and Beautiful

You need not always use just neutral colors in the attic bathroom to make a statement. Blue is the go-to color this season in pretty much every room and you can do the same in the attic bathroom as well. If you wish to go beyond blue and white, then try out the many shades of gray instead for a different look. You can use bright tiles or even paint to usher in colors like yellow or orange in the bathroom even as the rest of the space remains largely neutral. From fun-pattern to accent hues, there are plenty of ways to bring color in here while a skylight can bring all the natural light you need.

Perfect contemporary bathroom idea for those who love their comic books [From: London Basement]
Try out trendy blue inside the attic bathroom this spring [From: aegis interior design]
Black tiles help you move away from the common white bathroom look inside the attic [From: Landmark Lofts]
Brilliant blend of yellow and white in the small attic bathroom is an absolute showstopper! [From: Parsons Custom remodeling]

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