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7 Concealed Kitchen Ideas For Your Next Remodel

Minimal kitchens are a trend that has taken off in the design world. They are all about ditching clutter and cleverly hiding everything that’s left. While hiding your built-in fridge behind some flush cabinetry may be straightforward, what about hiding your entire kitchen? It’s not only possible but is becoming an increasingly popular option. Limited space and advances in storage solutions have paved the way for neat, minimalist kitchens that you hardly know are even there.

This style may not be for everyone, but a fully concealed kitchen can be a sensible option for an apartment resident or anyone with a smaller layout. Even homeowners with ample kitchens are jumping on the concealed kitchen trend. From accordion doors to sliding doors, here are some clever ways to keep your kitchen out of sight.

Completely concealed

This kitchen is a lot more than meets the eye. It’s a kitchen in a box that appears and disappears ‘magically’ when needed. The accordion-style doors slide open to reveal a fully-functioning kitchen.  What also sets this concealed kitchen unit apart is its extraordinary lighting. It’s fully lit from top to bottom.

Photo Credit: Tom Gildon
Photo Credit: Tom Gildon

Small and quaint

This concealed kitchen unit is simple and organized. It has all the basic functionality you’d expect from a larger space. Behind the fold-away doors is a fully functional mini kitchen constructed of high-quality materials. While it’s gorgeous to look at even when open, the kitchen disappears completely when the doors close. Bonus: the doors themselves blend in with the finish of the rest of the house.

Photo Credit: Gray Organschi Architecture

Classy and refined

You don’t have to sacrifice style and class when it comes to a concealed kitchen – in fact, some of these kitchens have the best finishes money can buy!

Photo Credit: Olivier Chabaud

Quality construction

This nearly seven-meter-long wall construction reveals its secrets at a second glance. German company Warendorf designed this deluxe kitchen to be seen only when needed. Cabinets, drawers, and electrical appliances are concealed behind the fronts of the flexible work area. At the touch of a button, the kitchen fronts open to reveal the worktop with shelves, integrated lighting, and an extractor hood.  The kitchen front is intriguing not only because of its unique functionality but because of its natural rust-coated design.

Photo Credit: Warendorf

Sleek and simple

This simple concealed kitchen proves that black is a classic and elegant touch. You can stow this kitchen away behind the folding doors and provide more space for entertaining and dining.

Photo Credit: Francesc Rifé Studio


You don’t have to opt for full concealment. The slotted design on these doors allows for some of the kitchen light to shine through, keeping the space light and airy. This is a perfect design for those who don’t like the look of bulky concealed cabinetry.

Photo Credit: Buol & Zuend

All white and modern

Concealed kitchens are definitely a great idea for a sleek and modern home. Nothing says polished better than hiding your kitchen behind white glossy doors. By concealing your kitchen, you can free up space for other activities such as dining and entertaining.

Photo Credit: Dada Kitchen

Concealed kitchens are a European trend that is quickly catching on in North America, and we are going to see a lot more of this idea everywhere. This is especially great for homes that are short on space or for homeowners who are after a more minimalistic vibe.

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